Enter the Plaguelands

Follow Lord Saladin beyond the borders of the old Russian Cosmodrome and uncover the forgotten history of the Iron Lords.

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  • PS4
  • Megjelenési dátum: Már kapható
  • Stílus: Belső nézetes lövöldözős
  • Kiadó: Activision
  • Fejlesztő: Bungie
    • Destiny: Rise of Iron

      Follow Lord Saladin into Earth's Plaguelands and unravel the mystery of the Iron Lords

    • Destiny: The Taken King

      Board the Hive dreadnought and battle Oryx and the spectral forces of the Taken army.

    • Destiny: The Collection

      Five adventures in one epic collection - get the ultimate Destiny experience, including every add-on and expansion.


    Available on PS4 from the 20th September 2016

    Destiny: Rise of Iron

    Unleash your potential with Destiny: Rise of Iron, the next highly-anticipated add-on to the Destiny universe. Set within the Plaguelands - a brand new location on Earth - you’ll face a faction of Fallen Devils called the Splicers as you work to unravel the mystery of the Iron Lords.

    • Follow Lord Saladin beyond the southern wall of the Cosmodrome and into the forgotten Plaguelands in a brand new story campaign.
    • Collect new armour, weapons and gear and increase your maximum light even further.
    • Tackle ever greater challenges with a brand new Raid and Strike.
    • Explore deeper into the Destiny universe with new zones, social spaces, Crucible modes and maps

    Destiny: Rise of Iron, launches on the 20th Spetember 2016. Pre-order now and receive the Iron Gjallahorn Rocket Launcher and exclusive Gjallarwing Sparrow. 


    Venture beyond the Cosmodrome

    Brave Earth's forgotten and desolate Plaguelands. Quarantined for centuries, a dark secret lies hidden beneath its crumbling ruins; a self- assembling, self-replicating Golden Age technology of almost limitless power: SIVA.


    A powerful mutant faction...

    Battle the Fallen Devils

    The House of Devils has unleashed a cadre of Splicers - body-hacking, bio-mechanical mercenaries - into the Golden Age tombs beneath the Plaguelands. Among those battle-scorched wastes they have uncovered a technology of such incredible power that it would allow them to transform themselves into an army of machine gods.

    Under the command of Lord Saladin, enter the Plaguelands, track down the Fallen Devil Splicers and rend the SIVA technology from them before it's too late. 




    Buried beneath the ruins

    A lost legacy...

    Reclaim the lost legacy of the Iron Lords as you accompany Lord Saladin into the shattered remains of the Plaguelands. Expanding on the history hinted at in Destiny's Iron Banner competitions, Destiny: Rise of Iron includes brand new weapons and equipment from the Iron Lords including the devasting Iron Gjallarhorn.


    Stand against the Darkness

    Guardian subclasses

    • Titan Sunbreaker

      Incendiary siege-busters, Sunbreakers rain down fire upon enemy ranks from a distance, following up to shatter fortified positions with devastating hammer blows.

    • Warlock Stormcaller

      Arc energy is a Stormcaller’s ammunition. By focusing body and mind to manipulate an electrical cloud, they channel lightning from it.

    • Hunter Nightstalker

      Shadowshot binding, the entangling payload delivered by a Nightstalker’s bow shot, may seem less effective than a gun’s ammo – until the feeding frenzy begins.


    The power of SIVA

    Take a six-man team, descend into the bowels of the Earth and uncover the true source of the SIVA outbreak. Destiny's most powerful weapons are infused with this remarkable nano-technology and might just be the only things that stand between you on the Darkness. 


    PlayStation Plus

    Stand together

    Fight for glory in the Crucible or band together with upto five other players and bring down high-level targets in Destiny's toughest Strikes and Raids.


    Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition PS4

    Includes a limited edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 and DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller and a copy of Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition.