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Pinball FX3

Pinball FX3 is the BIGGEST, most COMMUNITY-focused pinball game ever created. FREE backwards compatiblity! Bring your previous Pinball FX2 / Zen Pinball 2 purchases with you to Pinball FX3 at no charge! Pinball FX3 features the best pinball library available, with tables based on Star Wars, Marvel, Aliens, Bethesda, Family Guy, Telltale's The Walking Dead and more!

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Date de sortie: Offert dès maintenant
  • Genre: Arcade / Famille / Simulation
  • Éditeur: Zen Studios
  • Développeur: Zen Studios
Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
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Latest Update

Coming February 20, 2018! More at

In collaboration with Universal Brand Development, Zen Studios celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park™ by releasing a three-pack of prehistoric pinball perfection for Pinball FX3. Jurassic World Pinball is comprised of thrilling tables themed around the history and lore of the iconic film franchise.

Jurassic World Pinball

Join Owen, Claire and other movie characters as they attempt to escape Jurassic World™ and the deadly Indominus Rex. Play through thrilling action inspired by epic movie scenes!

Table Features:

• Train the Raptors, neutralize the Pteranodons and battle the Indominus Rex in exciting, yet challenging game modes
• Feed the Mosasaurus to make a massive splash 
• Use customized Gyrosphere pinballs for a not-so-leisurely ride through the valley
• Hear the actual voices of your favorite movie characters, such as Claire and Owen
• Dinosaurs brought to life with authentic sound effects taken directly from the film
• Relive over 40 memorable scenes from the film on the dotmatrix screen

Jurassic Park Pinball

Zen Studios is thrilled to bring you the finest video pinball adventure this side of Isla Nublar. Relive your favorite T. Rex chases, raptor hunts and more in a whole new way.

Table Features:

• Your favorite lines of dialogue taken straight from the film
• Fully operational Raptor Pen—you are the gatekeeper
• Collect amber and relive the T. Rex chase on the conveyer belt—“must go faster!”
• Nail enough funnel ramp shots to make it to the kitchen scene
• Knock on the iconic park gates to begin a new tour

Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem

The events of Jurassic Park™ led to total mayhem! Stave off T. Rex and Velociraptor attacks along with many other threats to save the workers.

Table Features:

• Battle the T. Rex with the deadly swing of the Stegosaurus' tail—you are the dinosaur
• Defend the Triceratops on a sunken mini-playfield against relentless Velociraptor attacks
• Visit the East Dock, North Dock, Hammond's Lodge and Visitor's Center to gain additional table perks, and rescue all the trapped workers 
• Put out fires and prevent further destruction of the Visitor's Center and iconic park gates




  • FREE backwards compatibility! Bring your previous Pinball FX2 / Zen Pinball 2 purchases with you to Pinball FX3 at no charge!
  • Multiplayer matchups, user-generated tournaments and league play create endless opportunity for pinball competition.
  • All tables have received graphics updates including real-time lighting and shadow projection.


  • Pinball FX3 is home to the most exciting pinball library, with tables based on the biggest brands in entertainment including Star Wars™, Marvel, Fox, Bethesda, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Portal and more!
  • All tables feature challenging new game modes, table upgrades and power-ups, unlockable bonus items and more!
  • Zen Studios will continue to support Pinball FX3 with frequent content releases and new features!


Now Available

Carnivals & Legends

Carnivals & Legends is a dynamic table pack that features the thrilling Zen Studios-original pinball tables “Adventure Land” and “Son of Zeus."

Adventure Land pinball brings you back to the mechanical roots of pinball, showcasing the fun and excitement of flashing lights, thrilling sounds and endless discovery. Explore the wonders of a recently opened theme park and test your skills in more than a dozen game modes.

Hercules needs your pinball wizardry to survive Hera's rage and earn his place among the gods, high atop mount Olympus! Son of Zeus is the first pinball table to ever include dynamic weather effects!


Universal Classics Pinball™

Universal Classics Pinball™ combines three captivating tables based on the blockbuster films Jaws™, the Back to the Future™ trilogy, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial™. Players can get behind the wheel of the DeLorean time machine and travel through different eras of Hill Valley to fix the space-time continuum on the Back to the Future table; take on the terrifying great white shark on the Jaws table; and go on an adventure with Elliot as he helps E.T. contact his spaceship and return to the stars on the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial table!


Pinball History in the Making!

Zen Pinball has been serving the PlayStation community since the very early days of PSN in May of 2009 (8 years ?!?!), and the time has come to go next level and take a major step forward in the pinball evolution. Pinball FX3 will now be the Zen-supported pinball platform on PSN – replacing Zen Pinball 2, which is currently available on PS4. 

Pinball FX3 is a massive game packed full of new features designed to turn pinball into a true community experience on PS4. Built around multiplayer matchups, user-generated tournaments and league play, Pinball FX3 is now so much more than just leaderboard rankings – the game elevates the competitive pinball spirit that has thrived since the early days of pinball more than a century ago.




Not so hot with the flippers?

We have heard from so many people that they feel lost when trying to play pinball, not really understanding the game or objectives. We have thought about you along the development process and have designed deep single-player modes that will help you become a better pinball player!

Pinball Basics

Pinball is pretty easy to understand at a high level, but it takes time to develop your skills, and even longer to fully uncover all of the deep secrets packed into each table. 

You have a ball and two flippers. Keep the ball in play by hitting the ball before it drains down the middle or via the outlanes. 

Your objective? Get the BIGGEST score possible!



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