How to activate a HDTV/Sony Home Entertainment System/Sony Blu-ray Disc Player

Find out how to activate your HDTV/Sony Home Entertainment System/Sony Blu-ray Disc Player on your SEN account.

  1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. If your device model includes the option to ‘Add an Account’ select this option and follow the on screen prompts to link your account. You can now use network services!
  3. If ‘Add an Account’ is not shown, select ‘Link an Account’ to get your activation code and continue to step 4.
  4. Sign into your SEN account via web browser and select [Devices] > [HDTV] or [Home Audi & Video Device] > [+ Activate].
  5. Locate the SEN icon on the device menu and find [Link an Account] to get your activation code.
  6. Enter the device activation code into the space provided and select [Continue]:


If you do not receive an activation code please try steps 1 - 3 again. If you are unable to obtain a code because your device is already registered, contact us for assistance.

If you see a message on your device asking you to update your Sony Essentials account, this means that your device has been registered through the previous ‘Essentials’ system. If you are unable to migrate your account to a Sony Entertainment Network account from the Sony Essentials website, contact us for assistance.

If your activation code is not working for another reason contact us for assistance.