Updated 13. joulukuuta 2016

Information on Full game trials, demos and public betas

This article is about the different kinds of PlayStation Store game trials and demos and how to get them.


Full game trials

Full Games Trials enable you to download the full version of a game to play for a limited time period at no cost. The amount of time that you have to play a full game trial will vary from game to game and we’ll let you know how long you have to play it at the time of download.

Once the trial period has ended the content will no longer be available for you to play. To continue playing, go to the full game in PlayStation Store, or on PlayStation App on your Android™ or iOS device to purchase it. Your progress may or may not be saved, so you may need to start the game from the beginning when you buy it.

Full game trials can only be downloaded once.


Demos are a playable snapshot of a game and usually consist of a limited number of levels which can be played as much as you like. If you like the game you can then purchase it when the full version is released.

Public beta trials

Before a game is published, the publisher will allow a limited number of people to play the game to help the developer find any issues in the design or gameplay before it’s completed and ready to be sold. When you are a PlayStation Plus member you get exclusive early access to selected public beta trials.