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PlayStation® Portable ID

Use the HTML below to display your PlayStation® ID on forums and social networking sites.

By sharing your portable ID, other users will have access to your PSN Online ID and may contact you over the PSN.

Get your very own...

PlayStation® Portable ID

Click on the button below to create your Portable ID. You can display and share your Portable ID on forums, blogs or social networking sites.

Keep it current with the games you play and the trophies you win.




What's in the

Portable ID

Your Online ID is your PSN name that you pick when you sign up. Once your Online ID is set, you can’t change it, so choose wisely. 

1. The Avatar can be changed any time from your console. 

2. Progress indicates percentage progress you’ve made toward reaching the next PSN level. 

3. Trophies breakdown shows how many platinum, gold, silver, and bronze trophies you’ve earned across all the trophies-enabled games that you’ve played. 

4. Total Trophies Earned is shown as numerical sum of all the trophies you’ve earned across all the games you’ve played. 

5. Current Level denotes your PSN level based on all your game activity.