Updated 10 September 2015

How to remove game data utility files from the PlayStation 3

If you wish to remove a game data utility file from the PlayStation 3 system, this article explains how to do so.


Please note that removing this file will not affect any online stats you may have.

To remove any game data utility files, simply do the following:

  1. From the PlayStation 3 Home Menu, go to Game > [Game Data Utility]. Note: Make sure you select [Game Data Utility]. Do not select Saved Data Utility, as this will delete all of your saved games files.
  2. Locate the game data utility file (i.e. name of a particular game you have been playing) you wish to delete. Press (Triangle button) and select Delete. Press (X button) to confirm the deletion. This will remove the game data utility file for the selected title you've selected.

Note: You will be prompted to reinstall this game data utility file if you wish to play this particular game again; the reinstall process may take several minutes.