Updated 01 March 2017

Create backup files stored on the PlayStation 3 HDD using the Backup Utility tool

This article explains how to use the Backup Utility feature to back-up your data, or manually copy your data to an HDD or storage media device.


Please note that the following copy-protected content will not be transferrable:

  • Digital Right Management (DRM)

  • PlayStation format software game data

  • PlayStation 2 format software game data

  • PlayStation 3 format software Game Save Data flagged as unexportable 

How do I use the Backup Utility feature? 

Go to Settings > [System Settings] and select [Backup Utility].  You will be given three options:

  • Back Up: Back-up all data from the PlayStation 3 hard disk drive to an external storage device.

  • Restore: Use a back-up that was made to an external storage to restore data to the PlayStation 3 system's hard disk drive.

  • Delete Backup Data: Erase backup data.

Select the option you wish to use.  Make sure the external storage device has enough space to store all the data from your PlayStation 3 system.  Back-ups cannot be made to CD-R or other optical disc media.   

How do I manually copy data from the PlayStation HDD to a storage media device?

Additionally, if you wish to back up data from a PlayStation 3 system manually, you will have to select the individual file you wish to back-up and manually copy the file to a storage media. 

  • Connect your Removable Storage Media (via the appropriate slot/port) to the PlayStation 3 system.

  • From the PlayStation 3 Home Menu, you will need to specify which folder you prefer to copy information from (i.e. music, photos, games, videos, etc.) and press the button.

  • Once you choose which file you would wish to copy, highlight the file and press the  (Triangle) button.

  • This will bring up a menu with three options (Copy, Delete, Information).

  • Choose Copy and press the button.

  • Highlight the Destination Media and press the button.  The file will begin to transfer to your removable media.  You will be given a status screen that will show you the copy progress. 

  • You will then be taken to a page that states: "Copy Complete. Select to exit back to your Media Options menu."  Press the button.

  • Your file is now copied to your removable storage media. 

To verify your transfer was successful, you can highlight the removable media, press the Triangle button and select Display All. This will show you all of the files on the Removable Storage Media. You may also insert your media into another system (PC, PlayStation Portable system) and view the files that way.