Updated 10 September 2015

Safe Mode on PlayStation Vita

If you want to activate Safe Mode on your PlayStation Vita or want to know about the available options when doing so, this article should help you.


To activate Safe Mode

  • Ensure the PlayStation Vita system is turned off (not in standby mode). To turn it off, press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds and then tap "Power Off".
  • Then, press and hold the R button, the PS button and the Power Button for 5 seconds to activate Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Menu

Once Safe Mode has been activated, the Safe Mode Menu will be displayed. Use the directional buttons to highlight an option and press  to select.

The following options will be displayed:

  1. Restart the PS Vita system 

Restarts the PlayStation Vita system.

  1. Rebuild Database 

Rebuilds user-created data such as lists, messages, and other saved information. 

  1. Format Memory Card 

Deletes all the information on the PlayStation Vita Memory Card, including game saves, pictures, music and downloaded games. 

  1. Restore the PS Vita System 

Restores the PlayStation Vita system software to its default state. 

  1. Update System Software

Allows you to update the PlayStation Vita system software by:

  • Connecting to a PlayStation 3 system
  • Connecting to a PC
  • Installing it from a PlayStation Vita game card

For more information, refer to the Online Manual.