Updated 26 May 2016

What is the BCES/BLES number and why is it important?

Learn about BCES/BLES numbers and why you may not be able to use certain disc types.


All PlayStation 3 software titles have a serial number containing a four-character prefix followed by a five-digit suffix. This code can be found on the side of the software case and varies according to the region in which the software title was purchased. Blu-ray discs may be locked so that they only function on PlayStation 3 systems purchased in the same region.

The usual prefixes for PlayStation 3 software titles are as follows:

Prefix     Description
BCES    First party title, Europe
BLES    Third party title, Europe
BCUS    First party title, USA
BLUS    Third party title, USA
BCJS     First party title, Japan
BLJS     Third party title, Japan
BLJM    Third party title, Japan
BCAS    First party title, Asia
BLAS    Third party title, Asia