Updated 09 August 2017

Unauthorised transactions and compromised account

This article explains what may cause a payment to SEN that you do not recognise and the next steps to take.


If you have transactions on your credit or debit card statement listed as either Sony Online Services or Sony Ent Network, these are for purchases that you have made from Sony Entertainment Network from the following services:

  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Music

I do not have a Sony Entertainment Network account - why am I being notified of a payment to you?

You may have become aware of a payment to us in one or both of these ways:

  • Your credit or debit card has been used to pay for PlayStation Network services.

This may be because somebody has used your payment details to make a purchase. If this is the case, contact your card provider (the number to call will usually be on the back of your card) immediately to report unauthorised use, and/or

  • You have received an email related to PlayStation Network or Sony Entertainment Network account;

This may be because somebody has used your email address to create an account. If this is the case, change your email password immediately to stop unauthorised access and contact us as soon as possible to report the unauthorised use of your email address.

I do have a Sony Entertainment Network account - what has caused the unrecognised payment?

There are a number of reasons that payments may show on your statement. You may need to contact us to query any payments that are not explained by any of the reasons listed below.

What do I do if I don’t recognise a transaction?

If you do not recognise one of your charges check your PlayStation Store transactions - you may find that the payment is for a forgotten purchase.

If you still don’t recognise the purchase, please check the other explanations below before contacting us.

Could a child family member be the reason for unauthorised transactions on my account?

Child family members on your PS4 (Family Members under the age of 18) don't have their own wallet, but can spend funds from the Family Manager's wallet. The card linked to the Family Manager wallet will never be debited for children's purchases, even if the spending limit allows for more money to be spent than is in the Family Manager's wallet.

When you create child family members, the spending limit is automatically set at £0.00. So unless you change the spending limit to allow them to make purchases, you should not see any unexpected wallet transactions. Find out how to set a spending limit on your associated child family members' accounts or find out how to check transactions on your associated child family members' accounts.

Has my account been compromised?

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and PlayStation Network will never ask you to share your password for any reason. Do not share your password with anyone, even if they claim to be asking on behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe or PlayStation Network.

If you share your password or if another user finds out what it is, your account could be hijacked or hacked. This is when another PlayStation Network user signs into your account and changes your account details. This locks you out and gives the hijacker full control of your account and billing information; enabling them to make purchases using your payment details.

If you think that this may have happened, contact us as soon as possible. We will then be able to take steps to secure your account.

Why is my wallet being automatically funded?

When you subscribe to a service we let you know that the wallet function ‘Automatically Add Funds to Renew Subscriptions or Pay for Pre-ordered Content’ has been switched on. This means that your linked credit or debit card is debited with either the payment amount or the lowest top up value (whichever is greater), if your wallet does not have sufficient funds for a payment.

You can switch ‘Automatically Add Funds to Renew Subscriptions or Pay for Pre-ordered Content’ on or off or cancel a subscription at any time.

We can only refund purchases of this type in line with PlayStation Store Cancellation Policy.

Why has my card been charged twice?

This can be caused by one of two things:

  • The bank has declined your payment

If your wallet top-up payment is declined by your bank, you may find that your bank holds the transaction amount away from your account. This may stop you from making your purchase or lead to a second transaction showing on your credit or debit card statement if you attempt the payment again.

Your bank will release the amount back to your account at a later time according to your bank’s policy and Sony Entertainment Network cannot request that your bank return the funds more quickly.

  • You have purchased a subscription or season pass more than once

When you join a subscription service, you will receive a purchase confirmation email and find the record of your subscription in your Services List on your PlayStation system or in [Media] in Account Management via web browser or PlayStation App. Alternatively, you can check transactions on your account to determine whether the same subscription or season pass has been purchased more than once.

Service entitlements stack, so if you buy more than one, the second will immediately activate when the first expires e.g. a purchase of 2 one-month subscriptions will mean that you have subscribed for 2 months. We can only refund purchases of this type in line with PlayStation Store Cancellation Policy.

My PlayStation system has been stolen - how do I stop anyone from accessing my account through it?

If your PlayStation system has been stolen it is very important that you take the following steps as soon as possible to ensure that no unauthorised transactions are made:

  1. Change your SEN password using web browser, PlayStation App or another PlayStation system to stop the person who has your console from using your account on it. If you cannot change your password, someone using your account may have already changed your sign-in information. Change your password as soon as you think your PlayStation system is missing.
  2. Contact us as soon as possible.

What information do I need to give if I contact Customer Support?

When you contact us please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Online ID
  • Date of birth
  • Email address (sign-in ID)
  • The serial numbers of all of your PlayStation systems
  • Details of the transactions you are querying (transaction ID, date, title which can be found in Transaction History)