Cannot add card information to master account

This article explains the reasons that you cannot add your card details and provides the general steps to try before contacting us.


You might sometimes find that you can’t add your card to your account. Check the information on this page to find out if you can fix it.

  1. PlayStation Network (PSN) availability

Check that PSN services are available. If PSN, PlayStation Store (PS Store) or account management aren’t available, try again later.

  1. You can’t add card details to a sub account

This is because sub accounts do not have a wallet that allows a payment method to be used – they use funds from the master account wallet for PS Store purchases. To find out if you have the right type of account to add card details, sign in here.

  1. Make sure you are using an accepted payment method.

Check this page for the payment methods you can use for wallet top ups - you can’t add a type of card that isn’t listed.

  1. Double check that the card information is entered correctly.

Make sure that the card holder name, card number, expiry date, CVV and, if needed, the start date, are entered exactly as they appear on the card.

  1. Make sure there is no issue with the address.
  • Your card billing address must match the address on your PSN account, so change your account address if they do not. The country on your account cannot be changed once you have chosen it during account creation; even if you contact us.
  • Use a card that has a street address. For example, do not use a PO Box address.
  • If your address includes a flat or apartment number or includes any special characters like asterisks (*), hyphens (-), apostrophes (') and slashes ( / ) do not include them.
  • If your name or address contains characters such as ‘ß’, ‘ä’ or ‘ç’ please replace them with the nearest letter from the standard 26 letter Latin alphabet (for example, for ‘ß’ use ‘ss’, for ‘ä’ use ‘ae’ or for ‘ç’ use ‘c’).
  1. Too many attempts to add details

If you add card details, and try to change them soon after, the change may not work. This is because we limit the number of changes that can be made to help keep your account secure.

Wait at least 48 hours after your last attempt before trying again and in the meantime use a PlayStation Network card to top up your wallet.

  1. ‘Pre-pay’ cards

Make sure that the card you are trying to use has enough money on it to top up your PSN wallet – you can’t spend funds that aren’t on the card.

You might also find that you can’t link some pre-pay cards at all as we usually need an attached address. Try a different pre-pay card if you can’t add it although there is enough credit.

  1. Spending limit

Your payment provider may limit the maximum amount of funds you can add to your wallet in one transaction. Contact your card issuer to find out if this is the case.

  1. Nothing on this page helped?

Contact us.


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