Updated 10 September 2015

How do I change the Access Point Name (APN) on my PlayStation Vita?

Learn how to change the APN on your PlayStation Vita if you are using 3G.


Firstly, please ensure that your PlayStation Vita has the latest Firmware version.  This will ensure the latest and most accurate list of Access Point Names (APNs) is always available.

To change the APN, go to [Settings] > [Network] > [Mobile Network Settings] > [APN Settings]. You may now select the correct APN from the list provided or change it manually.  If your PlayStation Vita has the Firmware version 1.60 or later and you are using the provided Vodafone SIM, you should select the APN Vodafone UK from the list.  It is also possible to select the Network Operator icon from the Home Screen and to select the new APN from the list provided.

If your PlayStation Vita has the Firmware version 1.52 or earlier, the correct APN to use in the UK with all provided Vodafone SIM cards is smart which you will need to change manually.

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If you are using a SIM from a different Network Provider, you may wish to manually enter the APN.  Please check with your Network Service Provider for the correct APN.