Updated 18 October 2018

Age ratings and parental controls

Learn more about the different age ratings for PlayStation games, Blu-Ray Disc™ and DVD video.


A broad range of activities and content can be restricted to ensure your child is not exposed to content and activities which are not suitable for their age. In order to make your child’s experience on the PlayStation fun and safe:

Check the age ratings of games before you buy them.

Set parental controls on the console before you let your child play.

Set up a child account and activate parental controls on it.

Monitor and engage with your child’s play on PlayStation and online.

Age ratings for games and movies

Most PlayStation content is rated by an independent ratings body. This is because games and films may contain content like violence, nudity or graphic sexual images, which may only be suitable for people above a certain age.

Age ratings are usually given as a number, which tells you the youngest age the content is suitable for. A game or film with a 12 rating has content which is suitable only for people aged 12 years and over, and a game or film with an 18 rating is suitable for adults only.

Some age rating systems also display small pictures called descriptors or extra written advice. These show the types of content appearing in the product which may concern parents or carers, for example, bad language or violence. The higher the age rating of the product, the stronger this content will be. Depending on the product, there may be more than one descriptor.

Descriptors or written advice may also tell you if a game can be played online against other players.

Many games and films are suitable for all ages, but you should always check the age rating and descriptors before buying PlayStation products from a retailer or the PlayStation Store.

Age ratings for games have nothing to do with the difficulty or playability of the game.

In South Africa, the ratings body the Film & Publication Board rates game content. For further information on FBP please visit their site.

Console and parental controls

Use the parental controls to manage your child’s experience on the PlayStation system and PlayStation Network.


Do this before you allow them to play for the first time.

Console parental controls

Here you can restrict access to things like games, DVD/Blu-ray playback, and downloaded films which are not suitable for your child’s age. You can also restrict access to the Internet browser.


You can temporarily override your settings at any time to allow an older child or an adult to watch or play.

The settings are slightly different for each platform so please select your console below for information on setting the parental controls.

Parental controls

Your child can enjoy the PlayStation system without going online, but many of the products offer online features and some will not work without them. If you allow your child to use the PlayStation system online you can manage the type of content and online interactions your child can access when using PlayStation Network by creating a child account with the appropriate parental controls set up.

There are two types of account. Adult accounts (also known at master accounts) for users over the age of 18 and child accounts (also known as sub accounts) for minors that are linked to and controlled by the adult account, which becomes a Family Manager.

By creating a child account for young family members you can prevent them from accessing PlayStation Store content that is unsuitable for their age, user generated content and online gameplay. You can also stop your associated child account from making purchases without your consent.

Advise your child how to stay safe online and talk to them about their experiences.

For help setting up a child account, please click here.

For help setting up child account parental controls (including spending limits) please click here.