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Banned and suspended consoles and accounts

How do I know if my console or account has been banned or suspended?

If we have placed a ban or suspension on your account or PlayStation system you will see an error code when you attempt to sign-in to PlayStation Network. If you’ve searched for an error code and landed on this page, the code you have seen is related to a ban or suspension. Refer to the email we would have sent you for more information. The email will include:

  • whether you have been temporarily suspended (and for how long) or permanently banned and,
  • why you have been banned (see the list of reasons on this page)
  • the date that we placed the ban or suspension on your account or console

We will not email you if:

  • we have banned or suspended your PlayStation system for any other reason under the PSN Terms of Use.

The moderators and customer support can’t give you further information about a ban or suspension. When we ban or suspend a user we investigate and double check the activity that they have been accused of to make sure we do not ban a user by mistake. This means that we will very rarely lift a ban or end a suspension early.

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