Updated 21 September 2018

Grand Theft Auto Online support on PlayStation 4

Find information about Grand Theft Auto Online including Shark Cards in-game currency, reporting players and troubleshooting steps for connection issues.

What is the age rating for GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) is rated for players 18 years of age or older, according to PEGI, Europe's video games ratings system. This age restriction also applies to the online mode.


How can I improve my GTA Online connection?

If you are having issues connecting to GTA online, first check the status of the PSN services. If the services are green, visit the Rockstar connectivity guide for further information.

How do I resolve GTA Online technical issues?

If you are having issues with your GTA Online account, please visit the GTA Online support website for guides and contact info.

PlayStation support cannot assist with GTA Online account issues.

If you are having an issue with PS Store, for example in-game currency not appearing, please check the currency guide below.


How and when should I report another player on GTA online?

There are various ways to deal with online players who are causing you issues. If another player is annoying you, the best option is to simply block them on PlayStation Network (PSN). Cheaters should be reported in-game, or via Rockstar support. If a player is being abusive or offensive, you can report them using the guide below: