Updated 25 February 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn FAQ

Get a helping hand with Guerrilla’s epic action adventure.


General Tips

Have you encountered an issue? Always make sure you’re playing with the latest patch installed, because a solution may have already been implemented! To check which patch you’re on, select the tile for Horizon Zero Dawn, press the [OPTIONS] button on your DS4 controller and choose ‘Information’. The patch number is listed under ‘Version’.

New Game+

How do I start New Game+? The option is greyed out on the Main Menu.

To start New Game+, load (or continue from) a saved game that you created after you completed the final quest, then press [OPTIONS] on your controller and select 'Create New Game+ Loadout'. You can now quit to the Main Menu, where the New Game+ option will be selectable.

How do I unlock the different face paint schemes for Aloy?

In order to unlock the face paint schemes for Aloy in the visual settings menu, you need to finish New Game+ on ‘Hard’ difficulty or higher.

Does New Game+ raise the level cap beyond 50?

New Game+ doesn’t raise the level cap, but it does allow additional experience gains to be tracked with so-called ‘Ghost Levels’.  These are awarded every 100,000XP, with no upper limit.

Main Quests

I’m unable to fast-travel out of combat in ‘Terror of the Sun’, ‘The Womb of the Mountain’, ‘The Sun Shall Fall’, ‘To Curse the Darkness’, ‘Deep Secrets of the Earth’…

This is by design. Fast travel is not allowed in these fights.

After finishing the game and watching the credits, I was returned to the quest ‘The Looming Shadow’. Is there something wrong?

This is by design. You may now continue to explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn before the final mission.

Hunting Grounds

I’m having difficulties with the ‘Sleight of Crate’ trial at the Spurflints Hunting Grounds. What I see in the game doesn’t correspond with the videos/guides I’ve consulted.

The ‘Sleight of Crate’ trial was tweaked post-launch, and may therefore no longer match existing videos/guides.

100% Completion

I have not achieved 100% completion. Is this because my quest log has an ‘X’ next to an objective in a quest/activity?

No, failing an objective does not affect completion of a quest.

I have not achieved 100% completion.  What am I missing?

To achieve 100% completion, you need the following:

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    Activities completed:

    Tallnecks – 5
    Hunting grounds – 5
    Bandit camps – 6
    Cauldrons – 4
    Corrupted zones – 11

    Quests completed:

    Main quests – 21
    Side quests – 22
    Errands – 14

    Collectibles found:

    Banuk figures – 6
    Metal flowers – 30
    Ancient vessels – 12
    Vantage points – 12

    Shadow Items found:

    Outfits – 9
    Weapons – 8

    Machines scanned:

    Machines – 26

    Please note: Datapoints do not count towards 100% completion.

Power Cells

I missed the power cell in the Grave Hoard quest. How do I obtain it?

You will be able to retrieve the power cell during a later quest.


A trophy didn’t unlock for me.

If you are having issues with certain trophies not unlocking, please make sure you meet all of the criteria for unlocking the trophy first.

If you ugraded to a new Hard Drive without syncing your trophies, please reinstall the previous hard drive and perform a trophy sync. Next, re-install the new Hard Dive and perform another trophy sync.

If you’ve played Horizon Zero Dawn on multiple PlayStations, please make sure you’ve performed a trophy sync on all of them.

Please note: To perform a trophy sync go to Trophies, press [OPTIONS] on your controller and select ‘Sync’.

I want to obtain the ‘All Allies’ trophy, but I didn’t always select the 'Heart' option during conversations .

The choices you make during conversations do not impact your ability to obtain the ‘All Allies’ trophy.

I want to obtain the ‘All Allies’ trophy, but...

How do I obtain the ‘New Game+ Completed’ trophy?

To obtain this trophy, you must complete a full playthrough of the game in New Game+ difficulty. The trophy will pop after completing ‘The Edge of Extinction’.

How do I obtain the ‘Ultra Hard Completed’ trophy?

To obtain this trophy, you must complete a full playthrough of the game in New Game+ on Ultra Hard difficulty. The trophy will pop after completing ‘The Edge of Extinction’.

Please note: If you start New Game+ in Ultra Hard difficulty, you cannot lower the difficulty setting.

Platinum Theme/Avatar

I obtained the Platinum trophy, when do I receive my PlayStation 4 theme/avatar?

In order to receive the email containing the voucher code for the Platinum PlayStation 4 theme, you need to be opted-in for promotional emails from PlayStation. If you opted in and you haven’t received the email, or if you weren’t opted-in for promotional emails when you obtained your Platinum trophy, please contact the PlayStation support service for your region.

Complete Edition

How do I gain access to the extra packs, weapons and outfits that come with the Complete Edition?

For the Nora Keeper, Carja Trader and Banuk Traveller packs you will have tokens in your inventory that you can trade with any merchant in the world.

The Carja Storm Ranger Outfit, Banuk Trailblazer Outfit, Carja Mighty Bow and Banuk Culling Bow can be obtained by visiting any merchant outside of both the Embrace and the Cut. These merchants will have special treasure boxes that contain the weapons and outfits. Please look for the following treasure boxes:

  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit box.
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit box.
  • Carja Mighty Bow box.
  • Banuk Culling Bow box.