Updated 13 October 2020

PlayStation™App support

Find out how to set up and use PlayStation App to send messages over PlayStation™Network, make purchases from PlayStation™Store and start remote downloads to your PS4™.


Download and install PlayStation App


Users must have iOS version 12 or above.


Users must have Android version 6.0 or above.

Once you have installed and opened PlayStation App, sign in to your account. If you do not have an account visit How to create an account for PlayStation Network guide.


Link PS4 to PlayStation App

If your PS4 console is connected to the internet and has automatic updates switched on, you will be able to link your console to PlayStation App. Linking your PS4 to PlayStation App will allow you to purchase and download games, manage console storage and launch game activity from your mobile device.

To link a new PS4, open the PlayStation App, select Settings > Link Console to App.


Purchase and download games using PlayStation App

To make a purchase:

  1. Open the PlayStation App and select PlayStation Store

  2. Search for a title and select Add to Cart.

  3. Confirm your purchase and payment method.


Start a remote download from PlayStation App:

Your linked PS4 must have automatic updates switched on. 

  1. From the PlayStation App home screen, select Game Library > Purchased

  2. Tap the game and select Download. You will receive a notification when the download is complete. 


Messaging and Game invites on PlayStation App

Tap the Messages icon and select Create new message. Select the player you would like to message or select multiple players to create a Party.

You can send text, stickers, voice recordings, images and video through PlayStation App.