Braaaains and brawn

Keep your head in this dead funny hack ‘em up.


Zombie Vikings

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Arcade / Fighting
  • Publisher: Zoink!
  • Developer: Zoink!

    An eye for adventure

    Never dead

    Game characters

    An eye for adventure

    Never dead

    Poor old Odin. The mythological Norse all-father has lost his remaining magic eye after it was plucked straight from his skull by fire god Loki. In desperation to regain his sight, the now eyeless deity raises four of the most fearsome undead Vikings ever to be buried. Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa must stuff their entrails back in, make peace with their rotten pasts and crush anyone who stands in their path. 

    Fight giant troll poultry, cruise through the intestines of the Midgard serpent and even use your undead Viking friend’s severed vomiting head as a weapon. Will your putrid posse earn the gory glory of Asgard? Or will you be served up as a foul feast for the crows? 

    • Players

      1-4 Players

    • Network Players

      2-4 Network Players


    Grab a bite with friends

    Brutal buddies

    Make sure Loki doesn’t stand a chance with three maniacal mates by your side and PlayStation Plus.


    A decayed delight for your eye(s)

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