WWE® All Stars™

  • PS3

Two generations. One ring.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: THQ
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    • Enter a ring packed with high-flying, hard-hitting over the top action featuring 30 WWE Legends and current Superstars.
    • Fight with a never before assembled roster of All Stars, including The Rock, John Cena, Andre the Giant, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, Triple H and more.
    • Slam your opponents with style thanks to fluid and intuitive gameplay for up to four players.
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    Ultimate drama

    The crowd goes crazy as the entrance music plays, the stadium lights flash wildly and your hulking wrestler steps into the spotlight before his adoring fans. This is WWE All Stars on PlayStation 3.

    Every match captures the atmosphere of live WWE events with enthusiastic commentary, heavy metal music and total adoration as each wrestler makes his dramatic entrance. Initially, you can choose from three magnificent arenas - Smack Down, Raw or Wrestlemania - each full of the drama, buzz and attitude that make WWE so exciting. There are a further three impressive settings to unlock if you have what it takes to progress through the ranks.

    Each wrestler has been designed to reflect their actual appearance - muscles, outfits and even tattoos have been faithfully recreated. Ultimate Warrior just wouldn't be complete without his famous war paint, and The Rock would be nothing without that intimidating stare.

    In true WWE style, the excitable commentary team provide lively, and often humorous, accounts of your match, from every theatrical entrance to every brutal knockout.


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    “It’s the Big Show…”

    John Cena, Randy Savage, Undertaker - they're all here. WWE All Stars is packed with classic wrestling legends and modern-day superstars all waiting to step into the ring.

    Each wrestler is accompanied by their original entrance music, outfit and moves, adding real authenticity to the game. They've also been split up into four groups to make your selection process a bit easier - each competitor is either an Acrobat, a Big Man, a Brawler or a Grappler.

    Acrobats, such as Rey Mysterio, tend to be fast with lots of flexibility, while Brawlers are unmistakeably handy with their fists - Hulk Hogan is a prime example. Triple H is a Grappler - he masters control and is good at pinning his opponents, while Andre the Giant and The Big Show fall into the Big Man category, clearly, as they're pretty huge and almost impossible to take down.

    If you want to introduce a brand new WWE star, you can create your own wrestler and customise everything from their moves and appearance to their entrance music and nickname.


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    Fearsome fighters

    WWE All Stars throws you into the relentless, over the top action that World Wrestling Entertainment is so famous for. Prepare for merciless fights with brutal brawlers ranging from the monstrous Andre the Giant to the notorious Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    A wealth of game modes, including 1 vs. 1, Tag Team and Steel Cage, allow you to exercise each wrestler's extreme strengths and abilities. Every fighter has his own Signature Move that is not only set to impress, but will also deliver a hefty blow to any unlucky opponents.

    Essential to all competitors is the L2 button - it does so much. Use it to climb turnbuckles, scale walls in a Cage Match, pick up items and, most importantly, go for the pin and defeat your competitor. The R1 and L1 can reverse an attack, so if you see a deadly move coming your way, press either button at the right moment to turn the move back on your foe and give him a nasty surprise.

    You can get even closer to your favourite WWE stars in Fantasy Warfare mode. Choose to represent either the WWE legends or the current superstars and determine the greatest wrestler of all time.


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    Get in the ring

    Whether you want to brawl as a team, against three other players or in a huge steel cage, WWE All Stars hosts more multiplayer modes than you could shake a steel chair at.

    Up to four players can get into the ring and throw their weight around in wavees of brutal matches including Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way and Tornado Tag Team. Once you've mastered these, try out a Handicap match and pit yourself against two opponents at the same time.

    You can take on a friend in just about every type of match to experience the excitement of WWE first-hand as your wrestlers go head-to-head. If you want to step into the ring online, battle with opponents via PlayStation Network and show the world what you're made of.


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