White Knight Chronicles™ II

  • PS3

Continue the story of Leonard and the colossal White Knight in an epic adventure and enjoy online play in a vast fantasy world.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Games
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: LEVEL-5 Inc.
    • Customise your characters, experience a dynamic new combat system and design your own attack strategies and combos.
    • Team up online with up to five friends to tackle co-op quests, roam freely across the land or create and adapt your own communal town.
    • Relive Leonard’s original adventure with a fully remastered version of the first White Knight Chronicles also included.
    White Knight Chronicles II screenshot

    Passing the torch

    In the original White Knight Chronicles adventure, you helped rescue a princess and saw a kingdom rejoice in its return to peace. Now, as White Knight Chronicles II begins, this tranquillity is about to be shattered by a terrifying new evil with roots a little too close for comfort.

    Leonard, the young hero of White Knight Chronicles, finds himself sucked into a terrible new ordeal. Princess Cisna is alive, yet the Kingdom of Balandor is jolted out of its short-lived celebrations, its bunting and confetti lying limp in the shadow of the force which threatens to engulf it.

    Despite possessing the ability to transform into the towering Incorruptus known as the White Knight, Leonard must rely on his friends – including your customised avatar – to step into the fray and haul Balandor back from the brink of destruction. Powerful new allies and the ability to call upon your own giant warrior help your cause; your courage, however, is the bedrock your crusade must be built upon.

    Far-flung lands must be explored along the way, each with turmoil to overcome and enemies to grind into the earth. Suit up, follow in the footprints of the White Knight to save Balandor once more, and experience the second part of this fantastical saga – only on PlayStation 3.

    White Knight Chronicles II screenshot

    Shining armour

    Ambition and splendour go hand in hand in the world of White Knight Chronicles II. If the sun rising between misty mountaintop villages can easily make you forget the darkness of the journey ahead, the fury of demons in suffocating forests quickly restores your memory.

    The highs and lows of this captivating storyline are reflected in the environments and creatures you’ll discover, in grand style. Enchanting meadows and buzzing villages create a fairytale atmosphere, and like all good fairytales, ferocious monsters, foreboding caves and a sinister master plan provide the flipside. At every turn, White Knight Chronicles II impresses, whether you’re admiring cattle happily grazing under crystal clear skies, or fleeing for your life from a pack of ravenous hell hounds.   

    Cleverly judged tutorials introduce you to the enormous scale of the game gradually. In just an hour or two, you’ll be completely at ease with the diverse battle system, the side quests and special bounties that add countless layers to this absorbing experience.

    Topping all this off in spectacular fashion is the original White Knight Chronicles adventure, fully remastered and available on the same Blu-ray Disc as White Knight Chronicles II – perfect for those who missed the birth of a PS3 legend.

    White Knight Chronicles II screenshot

    Knight fever

    Magic, monsters and mayhem await beyond the walls of Balandor. Before setting off for distant horizons, however, stocking up for every life-threatening eventuality is a must for you and the five intrepid explorers at your side.

    Traders specialising in potions, equipment, armour and, of course, shimmering, deadly weapons can be found throughout the kingdom and across the land. Effective as these great swords, battleaxes and crossbows are, none come close to the potency of a feature brand new to White Knight Chronicles II.

    Ground-shaking power is now your customised avatar’s to command. With Leonard and his White Knight alter ego swamped by the task he faces, it’s up to you to take centre stage with your own colossus, which can be fully upgraded along your journey.

    Harness the power of your walking fortress by using weapons forged in workshops or discovered in secluded spots, and by assigning a range of strikes and skills to it. Then, select a target on the battlefield and your method of attack to unleash an onslaught, while your computer-controlled comrades rain down their own blows.

    March ever closer to a thunderous confrontation with evil in White Knight Chronicles II, secure in the knowledge that you control one of the mightiest warriors on PS3.

    White Knight Chronicles II screenshot

    Home sweet HomeTown

    Imagine facing the toughest challenges on PS3 with your closest friends at your side. In White Knight Chronicles II, online and offline gameplay merge seamlessly to make that scenario a reality.

    Join forces with your friends via PlayStation Network and tackle monumental battles online together, as giant Incorrupti or in human form. Thanks to minutely detailed avatar creation options, you can drop a lifelike version of yourself into the front line and instantly recognise your friends there, too. Communication is simple, with keyboard and official Wireless Headset support letting you co-ordinate attack strategies smoothly.  

    GeoNet is the system that allows you to interact with other players and join in expansive quests. By seeking out the Adventurer’s Guild in single player mode, you can buy special bounties and errands which you can then access through GeoNet and invite other players to join. Work together to complete these tasks and you will all benefit from the spoils – which you can then use in your offline adventure.

    Bustling online HomeTowns, known as Georamas, can be built from scratch using the tools GeoNet provides. Place buildings, attract residents and boost your skills in your new home, before heeding the next call for help, donning your armour and setting off into the incredible online world of White Knight Chronicles II.

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