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Your every move is being watched… it’s time to hack San Francisco.


Seize control

Hacking evolved

San Francisco. Present day.

In the aftermath of Aiden Pearce’s successful shutdown of the Chicago ctOS system, the Blume Corporation quadrupled their efforts. ctOS 2.0 was released from the heart of Silicon Valley, connecting billions of devices and building full digital profiles of every citizen – giving corrupt governments, corporations and criminals the power to hack, track, steal and sell their personal data.

You are Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker and the latest recruit to the San Francisco arm of DedSec. Equipped with an impressive array of skills and tools – including an RC car and a drone – the whole San Francisco Bay Area is your playground, from Silicon Valley to the downtown streets. Break into any electronic device, computer system or vehicle, collect information on every citizen, and infiltrate the infrastructure of an entire city as you fight alongside the hacker community against an immoral establishment. 

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    Network Features

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PlayStation Plus

Join the hacking community

Hook up with other DedSec operatives online, invade their games or fight to take back the power together – only with PlayStation Plus.


Play 30 days early on PS4

Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass

Take an extended tour of San Francisco and test your skills in a range of high-risk additional missions and contracts with the Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass. 

Take T-Bone's custom car-flipping truck for a spin in a special mission included in the first DLC pack, embark on three hour-long story missions with Lenni and Jordan in the second DLC pack, Human Conditions, and explore the city's seedy sex trade in the final DLC pack, No Compromises.


Hacking in action

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Online hacks...

Expert multiplayer tips

Get a little professional guidance from Ubisoft Montreal development tester Alexandre Brisebois. Below are 25 of his top tips for being the best hacker in town.

As the hacker...

  • Try to find places with a lot of buildings or visual blockers.
  • Sudden movements will attract attention, try to move smoothly, blend in the crowd, and remember your clothing options can be seen by others.
  • Change hiding spots to somewhere where the victim already checked, create distractions by hacking the environment, and draw their attention elsewhere.
  • Remember: the victim needs to stay alive. Make sure to use the appropriate hack/tools.


As the victim...

  • Nethack is key. It allows you to quickly focus on vehicle and NPCs only without any visual distraction.
  • Hack any suspicious vehicles, as enemy hackers can hide inside any vehicle.
  • Flying Drones give a really great top down view for both players. An eye in the sky is great to track your victim, or find the invaders. So long, campers!
  • Lay down traps (IEDs, shockers) to restrict possible movement from the hacker or tip you off when they set it off.
  • Get creative and make your own traps by hacking objects in the environment.

As the Protector…

  • Many options are at your disposal to keep the target alive: you can act as a distraction, go head-to-head against hunters, or drive the target around allowing them to hack enemies and use their weapons.
  • Don’t be afraid to die if it saves your partner. You can respawn, they can’t.


As the Hunter…

  • Vehicle hacks are great, if you can’t hack the target aim for the parked cars and try to block their way.
  • If the target is defending in a difficult to reach area, use your drone to rain explosives.
  • Is the target hiding? Put an IED on your flying drone, hack the proximity trigger, and surprise the target with a lethal flying bomb.
  • If you can blow up the target’s car, it’s a one shot kill.

As the Target…

  • Use chokepoints as a bottleneck for police.
  • Underground complexes, garages and highways are great to lose police choppers.
  • Straight roads and highways will make it difficult to escape the police. Favor undergrounds and off-road paths to try to lose them!
  • Hack the police cars in the way of the Hunters.
  • Divide the tasks that need to be done. One player focuses on hacking while the other infiltrates.
  • Flanking is a really strong tactic.
  • Have one player be a distraction and pull AI away from the objective.
  • Communicate with your partner what you want to do ahead of time.
  • Plan around your botnets. If one player runs out, switch who does the hacking.
  • Use the drone to support the other player. Be their eyes, and create distractions for them.

Buy Watch_Dogs 2 on PS4.

Buy Watch_Dogs 2 on PS4.

PlayStation Plus required for online play


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