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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™

Battle for riches beyond your wildest dreams with a cast of heroes, villains and mercenaries.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Bend Studio / One Loop Games
    Uncharted Fight For Fortune Featured Promo
    • Create factions, build strategies and attack enemies using a deck of special Uncharted playing cards.
    • Play as all of your favourite characters from the Uncharted universe, including Nathan Drake, Sully and Marisa Chase.
    • Take on friends in online multiplayer games or in Pass and Play matches on the same PS Vita system.
    • Use treasures and artefacts that you’ve found in Uncharted: Golden Abyss to get special bonus fortune cards.
    Uncharted Fight For Fortune screenshot

    Uncharted fortunes

    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune brings all the excitement of the action-packed adventure series to a thrilling card title. Making use of the explosive characters from Nathan Drake's exploits, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune captures them, and the feel of the games, perfectly.

    Each character card looks amazing. Decorated with an image of a hero, villain or mercenary from the series, all the stars you expect are instantly recognisable. If you've not had the pleasure of these lively characters before now the pictures on each card easily fill in the gaps, with Sully's smirk and Talbot's glare effortlessly conveying their personalities. The PlayStation Vita system's high quality touchscreen displays all of this with crystal clarity, making the cards easy to distinguish at a glance, which is vital during the especially intense online games.

    Developers Bend Studio and One Loop Games use carefully selected music and sound effects to add drama to the action, while delivering extra information to you about the state of play - invaluable when it comes to drawing you back to the screen during a multiplayer game once it's time for your next turn.


    Uncharted Fight For Fortune screenshot

    The luck of the draw

    The PlayStation Vita system's touch controls are perfect for playing card games, so it's always easy to jump into Uncharted: Fight for Fortune for a quick hand on the go. Most rounds challenge you to reduce your opponents' health to zero, while others test you in different ways, such as keeping a character alive or collecting gold.

    The first phase of a game asks you to draw a card from the Hero, Villain or Mercenary decks, all with their own unique abilities. Each character has a cost that is deducted from your team's bank, so spend wisely or you may end up with Doughnut Drake when you actually wanted the more athletic Nathan. With a range of different characters, quickly building up points to play stronger cards is the key to success. Never ignore cheaper cards though, as their skills can be essential.

    Next, you'll draw a Fortune card from the deck. These can be banked immediately for gold or you can take a gamble by giving it to a character for bonus funds. This is riskier, although it can prove profitable as gold can be used to purchase resource cards. Rewards are there for the taking - are you brave enough to take a chance?

    Resources can tip the balance between winning and losing by adding extra attack or defence points to characters. These can be used to protect weaker cards, or surprise opponents with an unexpectedly powerful attack in the final attack phase. Good luck, treasure hunter, and don't lose your head...

    Uncharted Fight For Fortune screenshot

    Win, lose and draw

    Enjoy one-on-one matches with friends via PlayStation Network for addictive multiplayer gaming on the go. Complementing this is a ladder system which keeps track of your multiplayer wins, providing constant competition between fortune hunters.

    Alternatively, pass your PlayStation Vita system around for some intense two player battles. It's here that Uncharted: Fight for Fortune's use of sound really comes into its own. Musical jingles ring out when it's time to pass to your rival before they get a chance to see your deck.

    Throwing down against a human opponent can be risky. Being at the mercy of the draw means the cards on-screen may not be the strongest in your deck. Never knowing an opponent's technique, or the cards in their hand, means you have to be ready for anything. Keep your wits about you and stay sharp at all times, as improvising can be the difference between hard earned success and miserable failure.

    Make sure you've played the single player mode too, as it's good for learning Uncharted: Fight for Fortune's deeper strategies and building a solid tactical foundation. Defeating computer-controlled opponents also offers the chance to reveal new cards to strengthen your deck. Once stronger cards are unlocked, editing your deck is vital, so remove rarely used cards in the options menu. This creates a deck that best suits your personal play style and ensures more useful cards are drawn after each shuffle. Ready to put your card skills to the ultimate test? Then draw your best shot, adventurer.

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      1-2 Players

    • Has Downloadable Content

      Has Downloadable Content

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      2 Network Players

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    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™

    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™