Smart As...™

Who are you as smart as?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
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      • Experience a new way to play using the innovative features of PS Vita in 20 brilliant brain training games and augmented reality challenges.
      • See if you're smarter than your PlayStation Network or Facebook friends as you tackle fiendish logic, arithmetic, observation and language puzzles.
      • Set and pick up fresh challenges everywhere you go with "near".
      • Discover your brainpower then boost it to rise up the leader boards for your city, country or even the entire world.
      • Show your smarts with the Smart As... Facebook app.
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      Bright spark

      Bold, bright and super easy to get to grips with, Smart As… is cleverly constructed to keep your focus on the head-scratching action – right down to its suggestion that you play the game somewhere free from distractions. It’s sound advice, though once you get stuck into the fiendishly addictive puzzles and buzzing online community, it’s unlikely that anything will tear you away.

      The streamlined menu system is matched by clean and colourful visuals, fluid animation and a brilliant voiceover performance by legendary comedian John Cleese. The brainiac superstar proves an inspired choice, his eccentric delivery capturing the spirit of the game perfectly: this is brain-building at its most charming, cheerful and fun.

      Smart As screenshot

      Brain power

      Smart As… is divided into several sections, each of which allows you to explore your abilities and train your brain in different ways.

      At the centre of the action is the Daily Dose, which puts your brain through its paces in a series of challenges designed to test four skill areas: logic, language, maths and memory. Each puzzle makes clever use of the PS Vita system’s diverse control options – some test your adeptness with the touchscreen and rear touch pad, while others see you tilting the system or scanning the world around you with the camera.

      Your Daily Dose performance is recorded in the form of a Brain Power score, which can be instantly shared and compared with fellow fans via the inspired in-game links to Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, your results can be uploaded to the online leaderboards, so you can see exactly how smart you are in relation to fellow fans in your hometown and around the world.

      If you need practice, the game’s Free Play mode lets you revisit unlocked puzzles, building your skills and offering some cool rewards for the quick-thinking and fast-fingered. The ultimate experience, however, is online, where you can take on location-specific ‘Street Smart’ puzzles or create and drop ‘near’ challenges for other fans to discover as they roam the globe. It makes Smart As… a hugely social brain-teasing treasure hunt, and means you never know when a new challenge is – quite literally – around the corner.

      • Players

        1 Players

      • Network Features

        Network Features

      • Rear Touch Pad

        Rear Touch Pad

      • Front Touchscreen

        Front Touchscreen

      • Rear Camera

        Rear Camera

      • Memory Card Required

        Memory Card Required

      • Motion Sensor

        Motion Sensor

      • Front Camera

        Front Camera

      • Network Play

        Network Play


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      Smart As...™

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