Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time™

  • Also on PS3

Thieve your way through time to save the Cooper clan’s priceless legacy.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Sanzaru Games Inc.
  • Also on PS3
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  • Journey with Sly and his loyal gang through the ages to protect the ancient Thievius Raccoonus, the bible containing the Cooper clan’s wily wisdom.
  • Prove your light-fingered finesse using intuitive touch controls to pick the pockets of enemies around the world.
  • Play as gentleman thief Sly, his loyal sidekicks Bentley and Murray as well as agent Carmelita Fox in bustling Paris, feudal Japan and medieval England.
  • Start your adventure on PlayStation Vita and continue it on PlayStation 3 thanks to the Cross-Save feature.
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Throwing the book at history

Life was pretty good for art thief extraordinaire Sly Cooper. Relaxing with the proceeds of his daring heists, he’d even sparked up a relationship with his old foe, Carmelita Fox. But in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, he notices the pages of his priceless family heirloom, the Thievius Raccoonus, disappearing before his eyes. It’s time to get the old gang back together.

Someone is erasing Sly’s ancestors from history, and with them his family’s closely guarded sneaking secrets. There’s only one thing for it: using a specially built time machine, Sly and his crew rocket back through the ages in a bid to uncover the dastardly page pilferer.

The Wild West, medieval England and feudal Japan are some of the stops on a high-stakes chase through time. There you’ll meet the Coopers who contributed to the greatest burglary bible in the world, including ninja sushi chef Rioichi Cooper, the outlaw Tennessee Kid Cooper and the gallant Knights of the Cooper Order.

There’s a secret weapon in the fight for the Cooper legacy, too: when you pick up the game on PlayStation 3, you can download the PlayStation Vita version at no extra cost – so you can thieve through time, any time.

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A crime and a place

Spend just a few moments in Sly Cooper’s world and you’ll see exactly why he finds a life of international art theft so exciting. The light-fingered raccoon never stands still – with his entire family tree in danger of being uprooted, he can’t afford to – and that means taking in some of the most colourful destinations ever seen on PlayStation.

Bustling Paris is a favourite stamping ground for Sly, and as he scampers across its rooftops, the city serves as an atmospheric prologue as well as an introduction to his abilities. From there it’s on to the first stop on the Cooper timeline, ancient Japan – complete with traditional wooden architecture and less well-known crocodile samurai guards – before criss-crossing the globe.

Retreat to Sly’s hideout between jobs to assign missions to loyal sidekicks Bentley and Murray, replay previous chapters or simply take a breather from zipping through time by gazing at the relics and artefacts you’ve collected so far. You can also stock up on vital thieving tools by accessing ThiefNet. Bentley’s Arcade, meanwhile, features retro mini-games – if you like these, check out Bentley’s Hackpack on our online store.

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The Time Team

Every master thief needs a crew he can rely on, and Sly Cooper has carried off the heists of the century with the perfect blend of brains and brawn. Here’s who you’ll call upon to bamboozle security systems throughout the ages.

  • Sly Cooper: Whether he’s darting between laser tripwires or trying to impress romantic interest Carmelita Fox, Sly remains unflappable under pressure. His special Thief Sense lets him spot ledges and other objects so he can creep around without attracting attention.
  • Bentley: Occasionally a security system proves a match even for Sly. That’s where Bentley, the brains of the gang, comes in. You’ll use his clever ThiefNet system to hack into defences via special mini-games, and his sticky bombs when a more direct approach is needed. 
  • Murray: When might is right, this big-hearted hippo uses his size and strength to bash his way through defences. He can pick up objects to hurl them at switches or toss enemies out of the way, and his dive attack ensures he leaves a deep impression wherever he goes.


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A handheld heist

Every mission in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time begins in a huge, sprawling world, so a moment’s recon saves alarm bells clanging later on. Whip your Binocucom out to case your surroundings and photograph items of interest, then send the intel back to Bentley for analysis to get a better idea of how to beat enemies and reach your goal.

One of your first tasks is to zap back to 17th century Japan, where a blade-wielding Tiger named El Jefe is holding your ancestor, Rioichi Cooper, hostage. After a spot of photo recon using the Binocucom, you’ll flit through the shadows, evading burly sentries and hawk-eyed archers, before searching for the pieces of a suit of armour that’ll help you infiltrate Rioichi’s jail.

It’s a taste of what lies ahead for Sly: observe the target, work out how to bypass defences, get your hands on a sneaky new costume then leave your enemies scratching their heads. With your ancestors rescued, each area is then yours to explore.

Double your efforts with the Cross-Save feature, which lets you continue your PS Vita experience on PS3, and vice versa. What’s more, Cross-Play turns your PS Vita into a treasure scanner. Make sure your PS Vita and PS3 systems are connected to the same wireless network, and you’ll have every thief’s dream kit in the palm of your hands.

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