Shadows of the Damned

  • PS3

Harness the power of the light to defeat the army of darkness.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
    • Travel to the City of the Damned to find your missing girlfriend and rip apart the horrifying forces of the underworld.
    • Manipulate the balance of light and dark to defeat vicious enemies, solve puzzles and bring hell to its knees.
    • Use the help of a former demon who can transform into an array of deadly weapons to take on huge bosses.
    Shadows Of The Damned screenshot

    The road to hell

    Welcome to the demented world of Shadows of the Damned on PlayStation 3. In it, you take on the role of rugged hero, Garcia Hotspur, a Mexican demon hunter with a foul mouth and a penchant for tequila and destroying demons.

    At the outset of this twisted terror tale, Garcia's girlfriend, Paula, is kidnapped by a six-eyed monster called Fleming. He then challenges Garcia to venture deep into the darkness to defeat him and rescue Paula - big mistake.

    Garcia obliges, but not before swigging some tequila and grabbing his supernaturally powered gun, which also happens to be a talking, skull-shaped demon named Johnson. Now it's up to you as Garcia to ride the highway to hell, smash Fleming's minions and - most importantly - save the girl. Good luck, demon hunter. In this world, you're going to need it.

    Shadows Of The Damned screenshot

    The horror, the horror

    Shadows of the Damned is a third person action adventure game that was conceived by two of Japanese gaming's most famous developers, Suda51 and Shinji Mikami. Between them, they have created a whole host of iconic gaming titles on PlayStation including the Resident Evil series, Vanquish and No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.

    Shadows of the Damned riffs on classic survival horror games as well as a number of cult horror films. Look out for the level set in a cabin in the woods that tips its hat to the weird and wacky horror found in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series. See if you can spot each pastiche by the time you've reached the end of the terrifying campaign mode.

    Pick up a copy of Shadows of the Damned on PlayStation 3 today and scare yourself stiff.

    Shadows Of The Damned screenshot

    The darkness

    Playing as Garcia in Shadows of the Damned on PlayStation 3, you use the left stick to move and the right stick to manipulate the camera on your wireless controller. Shooting is simple too: press the L1 button to aim and the R1 button to fire. Your gun also has a secondary shot, which acts as a blast of light that can stun demons.

    To execute the Light Shot, press the R2 button. Always be sure to use the Light Shot when you find yourself in a tight spot or surrounded by too many demons. It's a great way to escape being cornered - or some of the game's tougher enemies - so you can position yourself for a deadly attack.

    Each time you destroy a demon they will drop white gems - grab them. These gems can be used to purchase bottles of tequila from dispensers. Tequila restores health, so always have plenty of it on you, especially going into a boss battle. The gems can also be used to upgrade your weapons and buy items from Christopher, a human/demon hybrid who you'll find hidden around the underworld at various points in the campaign.

    • Dolby 5.1

      Dolby 5.1

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