Rugby World Cup 2011

  • PS3

Take on your hardest rivals and fight for every inch for the right to lift the Webb Ellis Cup.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: HB Studios
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    • Play as one of 20 teams, with official licenses for 10 squads including England, South Africa and France.
    • Modify your line-up, play selections and players attributes with the intuitive Player and Team Editor.
    • Try out five different game modes with Tournament, International Test, Warm-Up Tour, Place Kick Shootout and Online via PlayStation Network.
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    The world at your feet

    Transporting you to the glory of the Webb Ellis Cup has never been easier with Rugby World Cup 2011. Featuring all 20 teams competing in the 2011 tournament, Rugby World Cup 2011 brings this major sporting event into your home with all the thrills and spills that make it such an incredible experience.

    If you want to familiarise yourself with the controls and rules of the game, then Warm-Up Tour is for you, as you travel to the northern and sSouthern hemispheres to play a series of matches.

    Prefer a single match against other opposition? Then try your hand at International Test. Place-Kick Shootout mode also prepares you for action, allowing you to jump into a penalty kicking competition.

    If you're ready for the main event you can enjoy the Full Tournament mode. Select your favourite team and battle your way through the pool and knockout stages. You can choose to randomise the pool stage draw or make your experience as authentic as possible by mimicking the real life Rugby World Cup 2011 New Zealand schedule.

    Whatever you choose, you can expect a glossy TV style experience where rugged looking players capture the full-blooded guts and glory of the sport's on-pitch stars. They run, tackle, huff and puff their way through the match, while their kits gradually become muddier from their efforts.

    Complete with a great atmosphere created by crowd chants and jeers, and a selection of commentary teams from the UK, New Zealand and France, you feel like you're right in the middle of the mud, sweat, tears and passion of world rugby's biggest tournaments.

    Rugby World Cup 2011 screenshots

    Swing low

    If the glory of winning the Webb Ellis Cup without putting yourself in the physical battle of real-life rugby appeals, then Rugby World Cup 2011 is perfect for you.

    Offering an authentic taste of what it's like to be on the pitch against a team of 15 rival players looking to take you down, the game is fast and flowing. Computer-controlled teammates handle the players you're not immediately moving, meaning you can create quick counter-attacks and powerful defensive blocks even if you take your eye off the ball.

    The action is easy to get into, with intuitive controls to lead you through your first few matches before you start attempting more advanced moves such as dummy passes and sidesteps. Don't try to button mash your way through the opposition, however, or you could find yourself passing the ball to thin air or being penalised for a foul.

    With clear on-screen symbols to guide you through tactics and slick gameplay, it's easy to get caught up in the enjoyable spirit of the game even if you're not a rugby fan. You can simulate matches if you need a quick break and come back into the action at a later match - as long as your team progressed without your on-pitch guidance. Remember: the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup is in reach. Give it your best try...

    Rugby World Cup 2011 screenshots

    Tackle some friends

    The best matches in sport are always when you have your friends involved and Rugby World Cup 2011 drops you and up to three mates into the thick of the action. Battle it out together in teams or against a computer-controlled rival, or go online and get into a scrum against another single player.

    Fast and accessible gameplay makes multiplayer matches fun - and with evenly matched teams, the intensity of the sport can build to a breathless finish. Dangerous tackles, realistic injuries and all the drama of rugby create a thrilling game. Chants from the crowd can make you feel like a hero, and every point lost is devastating.

    With some mates ready to back you up - or push you down - Rugby World Cup 2011 is an exciting ruck where anything can happen. Fight for every inch and the Webb Ellis Cup can be yours.

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