Final Fantasy X-2

The first ever sequel in the history of the Final Fantasy series gracefully touches down on PS2 and is just as jaw-dropping as ever

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role-Playing Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Square Enix

    The world's most successful roleplaying game returns with the follow-up to the stunning Final Fantasy X. Yuna, Rikku and a host of other familiar faces again travel across the magical world of Spira in search of a certain Blitzball player that Yuna had thought lost forever. Joining forces with an Al Bhed crew on a fantastical machina airship, Yuna and her girlfriends must face new dangers, discover new lands and uncover a whole new adventure.

    Two years have past since the events depicted in FFX and the defeat of the being known as Sin, and Spira has entered a period of "Eternal Calm". During this peaceful time the mystical teachings of Yevon have been shunned in favour of the technological wonders of Machina. Yuna too has moved away from the spiritual and favours two-gun blasting over the powerful Aeons. She and her team also employ the all-new Garment Grid, giving each girl the power to change abilities (and sexy outfits) in the heat of battle. Stunning computer generated cut-scenes and sumptuous in-game visuals ensure that X-2 is a sequel worthy of the Final Fantasy name.


    • Return to Spira in the first real sequel in the Final Fantasy series

    • Yuna, Rikku and several other beloved (and be-loathed) FFX characters return with new abilities and new allies

    • Jaw-dropping visuals both in the game and during the amazing, cutting-edge CGI movies

    • New character classes such as Gunner, Lady Luck, Beserker and Songstress


    • Players

      1 Players

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