Champions of Norrath

It's a sad day for the Orc community, as gamers step into their lands to administer a bashing

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role-Playing Games
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Snowblind Studios

    The world of EverQuest has proven to be a bit of a favourite with online gamers, with the online world of Norrath constantly packed with adventurers in EverQuest Online Adventures. Champions of Norrath invites you to step into this mystical world once again, but this time the emphasis is on action.

    Fans of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance will be in familiar territory here - in fact, Champions of Norrath is the product of the same developer, Snowblind Studios. The action takes place from a top-down perspective, allowing up to four players to battle through the lands of Norrath simultaneously. And as with Baldur's Gate, there's an enormous selection of equipment to try out as your character levels up to become the biggest badass in those Realms of EverQuest.

    So how does it differ from Baldur's Gate? One of the biggest advances over that game is the fact you can play online, joining up with other adventurers to dish out the punishment while chatting over a USB headset. What better way to get hold of shiny rare weapons than trading with real players of different classes? And of course, you can play with friends on the same PS2 as well.

    The fact it's set in the EverQuest universe will be a big plus for fans of EverQuest Online Adventures, and the more action-led gameplay means that players who aren't so keen on in-depth RPGs can enjoy the rich fantasy landscapes and detailed dungeons of Norrath for the first time.

    So, grab hold of the nearest pointy stick and slay evil in the most social way possible with Champions of Norrath!


    • Create your own unique hero from a variety of different character classes, skills and attributes

    • Buy or find a huge amount of different weaponry and equipment

    • Enjoy battling goblins and orcs in multiplayer with up to three other Champions

    • Play online and chat to other players using a USB headset


    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • Player Types

      1-2 Player Types

    • Network Play

      Network Play


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