Battlefield: Bad Company 2™

  • PS3

Return to the battlefield with a more experienced B Company and decimate the enemy with all-new vehicles.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: DICE
    • Jump into spectacular online warfare for up to 24 players and master 15 land, sea and air vehicles
    • Take down entire buildings, make holes in cover positions or blow them up completely thanks to the Destruction 2.0 feature
    • Set off on a daring new mission to prevent world war in a more mature single player campaign
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    A mission 60 years in the making

    In 1944, Private Thomas Wyatt joined a group of soldiers on a mission to infiltrate a small Japanese island and capture a scientist said to be working on a top secret new weapons, known as Aurora. The rumours were true and Wyatt's dying vision was of Aurora filling the sky with light.

    In the present day, B Company are taking on what is supposed to be their last mission - fighting behind enemy lines in Russia in an attempt to secure a device linked somehow to Aurora. It turns out to be fake, but General Braidwood is so impressed by their performance that he rewards them - or punishes them, depending how you look at it - with a special mission: stop Aurora.

    The ragtag bunch of miscreants and psychopaths travel the globe, from Russia to Bolivia, knowing that nobody - least of all their General - expects them to survive.

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    Welcome back, Bad Company

    The B Company of the 222nd US Army battalion, also known as Bad Company, is where insubordinate soldiers are sent on missions considered too dangerous for the rest of the army.

    You control Marlowe, a rookie caught joyriding in a helicopter, as he rejoins Sarge, Sweetwater and Haggard, whose misdemeanours range from hacking military networks to blowing up "the biggest ammo dump east of Paris" as they march towards certain death... again.

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    Bringing down the house

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a squad based first person shooter with an intense single player campaign in which you - playing as Marlowe - travel the world with the rest of B Company, fighting soldiers, tanks, helicopters and just about anything else that moves and makes loud noises.

    One of the game's most impressive features is the level of damage you can inflict on buildings. Using grenades, C4 explosives and rocket launchers, you can blast away entire sides of houses to expose enemies hidden within, bring communication towers crashing down onto their heads or simply smash open a door with a shotgun blast if you need some quick respite.

    You can also comandeer a wide array of vehicles, from boats to jeeps to helicopter gunships, and varied missions allowing you to try them all out in different situations. Each mission feels fresh, thanks to thrilling set pieces and the varied environments that encourage you to change your approach according to the terrain and the enemy. A particular highlight is running through a blizzard in Russia and having to sprint from house to house, taking out enemies as you go, in order to grab some warmth by the fire and not die of cold.

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    Feel the rush

    Up to 24 players can engage in online warfare across four multiplayer modes.

    In Rush mode, one team attempts to destroy pairs of M-COM stations while the opposing team defends them. Squad Rush, which is a brand new multiplayer mode, works to similar principles but takes place on tighter maps with just two single M-COM stations, making for bottlenecks of intense combat.

    Conquest mode will be familiar to those that have played capture the flag in other online first person shooters, but one twist is that the longer you hold onto control points, the more vehicles your team will unlock, allowing you to dominate the battlefield. The fourth mode is Squad Deathmatch and is all about taking down the opposing team.

    Before you engage, you have to pick a Kit and this will depend on your preferred approach, whether that's a Recon role, using a sniper rifle and calling in mortar strikes, or a Medic, whose adherence to the Hippocratic oath is contrasted by his skill with a machine gun.

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