The best PlayStation VR games of 2019 so far

Our pick of the finest virtual reality games of the year, from blockbuster shooters to immersive puzzle adventures

Blood & Truth

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is it? Step into the shoes of former SAS man Ryan Marks for a high-octane all-action romp through London’s criminal underbelly, complete with massive explosions, outrageous stunts and crackling one-liners.

Why should you play it? It’s an immersive first-person shooter that lets you live out your wildest action hero fantasies, made by the same talented team behind PS VR launch line-up highlight, PlayStation VR Worlds.


Everybody’s Golf VR

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is it? The title says it all. Pack up your golf bag and take to the virtual fairways in this new VR take on the larger-than-life PS4 golf sim, featuring three 18-hole courses to master and a range of customisation options.

Why should you play it? With full 360-degree movement, it’s as close as you can get to the real thing without leaving the house – and you won’t need to spend half the day hacking through the undergrowth in search of lost balls…

Falcon Age

Publisher: Outerloop Games

What is it? Join heroine Ara and her falcon companion in this unique first-person adventure that sees you nurturing your young feathered friend, scavenging resources and training it for combat in a bid to drive out no-good robot colonisers.

Why should you play it? Because it’s so much more than a virtual pet sim. As its moving narrative unspools, you’ll build a meaningful relationship with your falcon – and have a lot of fun along the way.


Trover Saves The Universe

Publisher: Squanch Games

What is it? The latest lunatic creation from the twisted mind of Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Embark on an intergalactic adventure to hunt down Glorkon, a beaked lunatic who has kidnapped your pets and plans to harness their life essence to destroy the universe.

Why should you play it? Like Roiland’s other creations, it's rude, crude and completely out-there. Expect fun platforming gameplay, bizarre characters and belly-laughs for days.


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is it? Uncover the disturbing truth behind an ancient Chinese legend in this fast-paced horror shooter. Featuring full 360-degree freedom of movement, you’ll need to solve fiendish environmental puzzles in between dispatching all manner of nightmarish creatures.

Why should you play it? If you’re looking to scratch that VR survival horror itch after Resident Evil 7, this is just the ticket.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Publisher: Bandai Namco

What is it? The latest iteration of the fan-favourite aerial combat sim puts you right in the cockpit, thanks to a set of missions and game modes built specifically for PlayStation VR. Soar through the skies, survive deadly dogfights and feel the thrill of high-velocity aviation.

Why should you play it? It’s a perfect example of how PS VR enables players to experience things you’d never get close to in real life. Ace Combat 7 offers pure, thrilling, wish fulfilment.


Ghost Giant

Publisher: Zoink

What is it? A charming puzzle adventure from the studio behind indie hits like Fe and Stick It To The Man. You play as the over-sized spectral protector of a lonely lad called Louis. Together, you’ll team up to overcome all manner of brainteasers and help out the citizens of Sancourt.

Why should you play it? Ghost Giant really leans in to the strengths of virtual reality to tell a moving tale in engaging new ways.


Space Junkies

Publisher: Ubisoft

What is it? A multiplayer-focussed virtual reality shooter in which you’ll don a jetpack and duke it out in treacherous Orbital Arenas. Race around at breakneck speed and take advantage of your surroundings to get the upper hand on your opponents across a range of game modes.

Why should you play it? Space Junkies offers breathless action, a diverse range of playable characters, an enormous arsenal of out-there weapons, and deeply immersive VR combat.

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

Publisher: Tin Man Games

What is it? A mystical adventure that plays out as a ‘living’ tabletop board game. Don your PS VR headset and lead a party of four scoundrels on a swashbuckling romp featuring tactical turn-based combat and a cast of quirky characters.

Why should you play it? It’s a clever new twist on a familiar format, taking a traditional tabletop board game and making it come alive in front of your eyes.


Jupiter & Mars

Publisher: Tigertron

What is it? Take control of two dolphins and bring peace to an ocean kingdom bouncing back from the impact of climate change in this unique underwater adventure. Use each creature’s unique skills to solve environmental puzzles and discover secrets hidden throughout the game world

Why should you play it? Not only is it a fascinating assault on the senses but you might also learn something – the developer has teamed with marine conservation organisations to include in-game content highlighting the consequences of pollution.



Publisher: Vertigo Games

What is it? Command armies with the wave of your hand in this immersive fantasy strategy game from the studio behind hit zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. Build an army to see off invading forces, then put your skills to the test and battle online with friends.

Why should you play it? By putting you in the shoes of a commandeer looming over a virtual battlefield, PS VR delivers a real sensation of power.

A Fisherman's Tale

Publisher: Vertigo Games

What is it? An eccentric puzzle adventure where you play as Bob, a fisherman who discovers that he’s just a wooden puppet trapped inside the model of a lighthouse, within a lighthouse, within another lighthouse. Can you reach the top of the tower and escape this existential nightmare?

Why should you play it? The game’s developers combine a fascinating tale of the unexpected with smart puzzle gameplay to deliver a memorable PS VR experience unlike any other.


The Wizards

Publisher: Carbon Studio

What is it? An adventure game that takes you on a quest to save the Realm of Meliora, a magic-infused dimension parallel to our own. Join Aurelius, a master wizard trapped in the streams of time, as he guides you to power and glory in a battle against nefarious forces threatening the land. 

Why should you play it? Casting different spells with specific hand gestures tracked by PS Move controllers is a blast, and really immerses you in the action.


ChromaGun VR

Publisher: Pixel Maniacs

What is it? A first-person puzzle shooter in the Portal vein, that drops you into a set of mysterious challenge rooms armed with nothing but a paint gun. Use your weapon to change the colour of wall panels and interact with WorkerDroids in order to open the door and progress.

Why should you play it? It’s just the ticket if you’re after a proper cerebral workout, offering a series of satisfying, tactile brain-teasers to master.

Dick Wilde 2

Publisher: PlayStack

What is it? A colourful shooter in which you jump aboard a raft, head downstream, and blast away at all manner of oncoming creatures intent on making you their lunch. Aim controller support is included, adding an extra level of immersion to the OTT action.

Why should you play it? It’s a tongue-in-cheek shooter, with perfectly-tuned difficulty and a fun co-operative mode to break out when friends are over.


And there's more to come...

A look ahead at some of the great PS VR-compatible games coming soon

No Man's Sky VR

The acclaimed sci-fi exploration epic will be fully playable in PS VR later this summer as part of the Beyond update.

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Suit up as the iconic Armoured Avenger using the power of PlayStation VR, in an original Iron Man adventure.

Five Nights At Freddy's

The cult horror classic makes a long-awaited leap to virtual reality later this year, with brand new content.

Concrete Genie

The upcoming PS4-exclusive adventure includes two immersive PlayStation VR modes.

Vacation Simulator

The deranged minds behind Job Simulator and Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality return with more oddball VR fun.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

The long-running FPS franchise makes its PS VR debut with a standalone mission set in 1980s Paris.