PS Vita games

Immerse yourself in everything from portable AAA blockbusters to quirky independent games.


PlayStation gaming on the go

Play critically-acclaimed blockbusters in the palm of your hand.


Team up with Sackboy and unleash your creativity on a whimsical world with endless possibilities. Collect tools and new skills to build your own colourful dream world to bounce, swing and grapple your way through.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Join legendary treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his team on their quest to find the lost city of gold, Quivira. Explore beautiful locations filled with hidden temples, traps and treasures as you uncover the secrets of a lost Spanish expedition massacred 400 years ago in Central America.



If you can imagine it, you can build it. Create your very own dream world - but watch out for monsters lurking at night!


Play as messenger Iota and embark on a journey to save a papery world in peril. Swipe the touch pad to create gusts of wind, break obstacles and send enemies flying.

Killzone Mercenary

Throw honour and loyalty aside as you join a band of brutal mercenaries and sell your deadly talents to the highest bidder.

Gravity Rush

Use your gravity-altering super powers to save the floating city of Heksville and uncover the secrets of your past.

Borderlands 2

Grab your favourite gun and get ready to shoot ‘n’ loot your way through this hilarious adventure while trying to uncover Handsome Jack’s evil plans.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

The Caped Crusader is back to join forces with his super hero friends and stop evil genius Brainiac from destroying Earth.


PS Vita loves indies

Play some of the most colourful and quirky games by independent developers on the move with PS Vita.


Travel deep underground and explore amazing caves full of monsters, traps, and treasure.

Rogue Legacy

Prepare to fight your enemies, gather all the loot you can dream of, and die over and over again in this quirky platforming adventure. Every time you’re killed, your children succeed you and pick up your mission.


Put on your luchador mask and journey through a stunning Mexican landscape using nothing but your bare fists to conquer evil.



Create art or play mini-games with apps tailored for your PS Vita.

Paint Park

Make and share simple sketches and detailed drawings with your friends.


Bring harmony to virtual ecosystems full of amazing and fantastical creatures and plants.

Frobisher Says!

Play a collection of crazy mini-games devised deep within the eccentric mind of Frobisher himself.


Connect with your friends

Stay in touch with your PlayStation Network friends, compare achievements and play games together.

Chat with PSN friends

Communicate in real time with PlayStation Network friends via text or voice chat, even if you're playing different games.

Create a party and chat with up to seven friends, jump straight into online multiplayer sessions and instantly add newcomers without leaving the Party.

Compete and compare

Show your friends what you’ve achieved in your PS Vita games, as well as your PS4 and PS3 collection. 

See how many trophies you've collected in every game you've played and compare your progress with friends.