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Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience

Suit up as Spider-Man for the first time and see through the eyes of the world’s favourite superhero. Discover your brand new Stark Industries upgraded webshooters and master different web types as you race to complete fast-paced targeting trials. But learn quickly – The Vulture is on the loose and coming for you…

Leap into a thrilling web-slinging experience, based on the all-new 2017 film, Spider-Man Homecoming. 



Explore YouTube’s vast and always growing collection of fully immersive 360-degree videos with the YouTube App for PS4 – now with PlayStation VR support.

Get a front-row seat to concerts a thousand miles away, live out extreme sports moments as if you were the one risking it all, travel to faraway places, or watch stories unfold around you in amazing documentaries and more.  


Justice League VR: The Complete Experience

Go behind the mask of some of DC Comic’s most iconic super heroes in this cinematic VR experience, inspired by the blockbuster move from Warner Bros.

Join Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in their own unique missions and master their incredible powers. You can’t save the world alone. Join the league, only with PS VR.


Tom Grennan VR

From the team behind the award-winning Joshua Bell VR Experience, enjoy two performances by the acclaimed UK singer songwriter Tom Grennan in an intimate gig like no other.

Thanks to pioneering PlayStation VR tech called Dynamic Eye Contact, Tom appears to look directly at you as if you really are in front of him. This creates an uncanny level of immersion that’s never been possible before.


Virry VR

Go on a virtual safari without leaving your home, getting up close and personal with rare and exotic wild animals from Northern Kenya in the BAFTA nominated Virry VR experience.

Filmed in 4K on location in one of Africa’s top wildlife reserves, you can mingle with lions, cheetahs and leopards, feed a herd of elephants and even take a mud bath with a rhino. Users can also see the savannah in real time by switching to the Virry live streaming cameras to observe nature as it happens – all whilst learning interesting facts about the wildlife and their environment.

Virry VR: Wild Encounters

Relax after a hard day and meet the exotic inhabitants of Kenya’s LEWA Wildlife Conservancy face to face, and interact with them in a series of incredible video experiences filmed in 4K.

Get up close with a herd of elephants, feed Nditu the orphaned giraffe, and give meat to a hungry cheetah. Take a walk with Elvis the black rhino, meet hyenas, baboons, buffalo and bottle feed Kitui, the playful baby rhino, as well as taking in the paradise vistas from a unique treetop walk.


Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse + Showdown bundle

Immerse yourself in the world of Ghostbusters as you blast, trap, hunt and dodge New York’s finest ghouls in this ectoplasmic bundle.

In Firehouse, explore the Ghostbusters’ iconic base in thrilling virtual reality. Step inside Ecto-1, assemble your Proton Wand, capture Slimer and more.

Showdown sees you fending off waves of ghosts in a fast-paced shooter. Once you’ve blasted your way through all those apparitions, do you have the nerve to go face-to-face with the most threatening Marshmallow you’ll ever roast?


Khalid Young Dumb & Broke VR

Join R&B global superstar Khalid on an epic extrasensory journey through the music video for his triple platinum single, Young Dumb & Broke.

From dropping you into the driver’s seat of a classic car and travelling through amazing cityscapes, to exploring the far reaches of the cosmos, get ready for an experience only possible through the power of PlayStation VR.



Enjoy the experience of painting in 3D space with virtual reality. Thanks to the power of PS VR, you can use your PlayStation Move motion controller or DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to create incredible artwork that you can look at from every angle.

Choose from a selection of brushes and colour palettes, create a masterpiece and share it with the world.


Kygo ‘Carry Me’ VR Experience

Inspired by the hit song ‘Carry Me’ by electronic music star Kygo, this unique musical experience transports you into a stunning VR world, immersing you in oceans and forests and sends you soaring over mountains, through the sky and on to a final epic sweep through the cosmos.


Cocos Shark Island

Travel 240 miles off the coast of Costa Rica in the heart of the Pacific Ocean to the incredible Cocos Island – described by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau as “the most beautiful island in the world”.

This tropical ecosystem is a mecca for schools of exotic fish – and hungry sharks. Join a team of research scientists as they dive into this underwater paradise at feeding time to observe 360 degrees of this thrilling event.



From your favourite NBA match-ups, to pulse-pounding WWE and boxing matches, NextVR gives you access to a wide range of world-class sports, music and entertainment events, as well as a growing selection of new original programming


Littlestar VR Cinema

Plug into the leading entertainment network dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, 360 degree video and fully immersive experiences, featuring a huge selection of videos, movies and more from channels like ABC, Showtime, Discovery, Nat Geo, A+E and Disney.


Harmonix Music VR

Unlock the virtual reality potential of your music collection and see your favourite songs in incredible new ways.

Add your chosen tunes to a USB stick, plug into your PS4 and let Harmonix Music VR conjure a unique visual projection to fit the rhythm – including a transforming alien beach, a psychedelic kaleidoscope, an artistic 3D canvas and an intense VR dance party.


David Attenborough’s First Life VR

Go on a journey of discovery to the Cambrian Oceans of 540 million years ago as David Attenborough reveals the dawn of life – and introduces you to the earliest inhabitants of an amazing marine world. 



Escape reality and retreat into three relaxing, immersive and breath-taking virtual environments – the ideal showcase for PS VR.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the northern lights a tropical beach and the mountain wilderness and gently explore the wonders of nature in a virtual reality environment. Stream your own music via Spotify or enjoy the relaxing in-game soundtrack designed to whisk you away to your chosen destination.


Joshua Bell VR Experience

Sit back, relax and enjoy a personal recital by award-winning violinist Joshua Bell.

Accompanied by classical pianist Sam Haywood, you’re not only listening to these two talented musicians performing Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 1 – you can move freely around the 3D venue, soaking up the majesty of Air Studios’ stunning Lyndhurst Hall as the video and audio subtly adapts to your location. 



Immerse yourself in a dark tale by Breaking Fourth, where you have front-row seats at an intense and fast-paced strategy e-sport tournament. But as a young gamer plays his way to the cusp of victory, he discovers that there’s more than just prize money at stake… 


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