PlayStation TV.

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Stream your PS4 games to any TV in your home at a great new price.


Introducing PlayStation TV

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  • Enjoy innovative features and technology, exclusive to PS4 and packed into one sleek micro-console.
  • Never miss a second of your PS4 games no matter who's using the main TV, thanks to Remote Play via PS TV.
  • Play a huge range of compatible PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS one games on your big-screen TV.
  • Includes a digital download voucher for three PS Vita games.



Connect and stream

Never stop playing

You're never tied to just one TV with Remote Play. When someone else is using the main TV, you can easily stream your PS4 games to another HD TV in your home.

Simply connect to the HD TV you wish to use, pick up your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and carry on playing*.

*Initial set-up required for PS4 Remote Play via PS TV.

Start playing on PS4

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Included with PS TV

Download three PS Vita games

  • Worms Revolution Extreme
    Battle rival worms in this non-stop artillery strategy game packed with missions and puzzles.
  • Velocity Ultra
    Pilot a teleporting starship through space in this all-action shoot 'em up.
  • OlliOlli
    Get your grind on in this gnarly skateboarding finger twister.
  • 1GB memory
    Start playing your games straight away with 1GB of built-in storage.

Big-screen play

Supersized PlayStation classics

Take a trip down memory lane with era-defining PS one, PSP and PS Vita classics, and give them a new lease of life with PS TV. Relive some of the finest moments in gaming history on your big-screen TV via PS TV, or experience the adventures that helped shape PlayStation for the first time.


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Helpful tips

Get the most out of Remote Play

For the best Remote Play experience, set up a wired connection to your home network.

If you'd like to play wirelessly, make sure there's a strong signal on your home network.



PlayStation 4, a wireless controller (sold separately), Sony Entertainment Network account and high speed internet connection required for PS4 Remote Play functionality. Some games may not support this feature. Other limitations apply. A DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and a wired connection to home network via a LAN cable is recommended for PS4 Remote Play functionality.

Some PS Vita, PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PS one format software is not compatible with this system. Some PS Vita cards are also not compatible.

Availability of services varies by country.

PlayStation TV can only be connected to a TV with an HDMI input. Not all content will be supported in HD.

Requires USB cable and DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller (all sold separately).