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Don’t miss out on all the features and benefits you’ll get as a PlayStation Plus member.

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Take on the world

PS4 online multiplayer

Add a new dimension to your PS4 gaming and jump online with fellow PS Plus members.

Play together with friends in co-op adventures, go head-to-head in multiplayer matches or squad up with players worldwide in epic team-based battles; the world is waiting.


Your monthly PS4 games

April 2017

With two games every month for no extra cost – that’s 24 games every year – you’ll never run out of things to play. And they’re yours to keep for as long as your membership lasts.

Drawn to Death
Dive into the bizarre imagination of a high-school kid and face up to three others in an ever-changing multiplayer arena.
Explore a unique and highly inventive world made up entirely of adolescent doodles in a notebook. Discover each character’s unique move set and combine strategic sharpshooting with all out brawling to seize victory in the inky arena.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Blast off on a journey through the psychedelic spacetime of a randomly occurring universe, working as an intrepid team of two to overcome the hazards of the big deep. You need not quite be lovers, but at the very least, you’ll need to get along.

PS Plus | Monthly Games

Early access, exclusive discounts

PlayStation Store

Make big savings on some of the biggest and best games, add-ons and more from PlayStation Store.

Check out the amazing discounts that are only available to PS Plus members, or be among the first to play new titles with special beta trial and exclusive demo access.


Stay in the know

PlayStation Plus hub

Everything you need to know about your PlayStation Plus membership lives in the dedicated hub on your PS4 home screen.

Download the latest monthly games or find out what’s coming up, see where you can save with exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, find out about multiplayer event, new PS Plus features  and lots more.


Save your games

10GB cloud storage

Upload your saved games and character profiles to the cloud and continue playing when you sign in to any other PS4.

Hand over control

Share Play

Invite your friends to join you in a co-op adventure, challenge them to a multiplayer battle or let them take control of your single player quest; they don’t even have to own a copy of the game.