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Link your Spotify account

Connect Spotify to PS Music and immerse yourself in your favourite soundtracks while you play. All your saved playlists are available from the PS4 quick menu.

Never leave your game

Spotify is available direct from your PS4 Quick Menu so the action never has to stop – just hold down the PS button on your controller to control your in-game soundtrack.

Control Spotify from your mobile device

Tap ‘Devices available’ from the Spotify app on your phone or tablet, select your PS4 from the list and use the app to control the music on your PS4 console.

Gaming playlists from PlayStation Music

Follow PlayStation Music on Spotify to get ready-made playlists for the hottest games on PS4 delivered straight to your Quick Menu.


Official soundtracks

Listen to the unforgettable soundtracks of your favourite PS4 games with PS Music on Spotify.

Death Stranding

Marvel's Spider-Man

God of War



Latest playlists

Follow PS Music on Spotify for specially curated playlists by some of the hottest artists – or find the soundtrack to your favourite games.

L.A. Noire

Grim Fandango Remastered

Mortal Kombat

Days Gone

Kingdom Hearts III

Beat Saber

Fallout 76

Classic Rock Retrogamer


GT Sport

Shadow of the Colossus

PlayStation FC


Spotify Premium features

Not listening to Spotify yet? Sign up via your PS4 and choose to listen to music that fits your mood.


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Shuffle play

Shuffle play
Ad free Ad free
Unlimited skips Unlimited skips
Listen offline Listen offline
Play any track Play any track
High quality audio High quality audio

You'll find the Spotify app on your PS4, where you can sign up and start listening to millions of songs.