The Nine Realms | God of War

Boat tours on the idyllic Lake of Nine

Take a tour around the glorious Nine Realms of Norse mythology, where dramatic scenery and colourful locals provide an ideal family getaway destination and the perfect setting for some father and son bonding.

Visitors to Midgard can breathe the fresh woodland air, take a boat trip down the River Pass and visit The Lake of Nine, where further excursions can be planned. No trip to Alfheim would be complete without taking in the colourful architecture and unique bridges, while adventurous types can take a hike through the frozen wastelands of Helheim, warm themselves by the fires of Muspelheim, or scale the towering peak of Jötunheim.

Boletaria | Demon's Souls

An historic city brimming with soul

Don’t let the brusque local manner put you off: with its stunning palace and winding, maze-like streets, Boletaria is a quaint, medieval getaway that will knock you dead. 

There's much to see and do beyond the Archstone of the Small King. Scale the ancient parapets for stunning views, hot-foot it along the legendary King’s Road and keep an eye on the sky to catch a glimpse of the city’s famed Red and Blue Dragons.

Tsushima | Ghost of Tsushima

An unforgettable island retreat

The beautiful island of Tsushima invites you to explore its breath-taking lakes, mountains and beaches. Revitalize in natural hot springs, find the perfect spot to compose your thoughts or take an autumnal stroll beneath vibrant forest canopies. 

After some more high-octane thrills? Well, the islanders could do with a little help with some invasion-related 'problems'. Grab a katana and get stuck in - it's a great way to meet the locals.

Seattle | The Last of Us Part II

A long weekend for two in Washington State

Forget the Space Needle – the best way to experience Seattle is from the ground up. With newly expanded green spaces, cute coffee shops, tumble-down theatres and a rustic new canal-way, the Emerald City is fast becoming a picture-postcard version of the Italian city of Venice. Grab a friend for a long weekend and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Oregon | Days Gone

Legendary mountain trails on America's West Coast

Best explored on two wheels, Oregon’s great outdoors is a wide-open space worth sinking your teeth into. The sleepy roadside settlements are a scavenger's paradise, so travel light, stop often and keep your tank topped off – this is no place to get stranded! Head south to check out the famous Crater Lake and Wizard Island, but do be vigilant, folks – this is bear country!

London | Watch Dogs Legion

See all walks of life in near-future London

Leave the tour bus behind and explore the real London! All walks of life jostle for space in the UK’s vibrant, hi-tech capital: pinstriped city traders, streetsmart hoodlums, straight-talking cockneys and everything in between. Pick a persona and run wild in the city’s colourful underbelly. It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded friends but be careful with your personal data – civil liberties aren’t what they used to be!

Atropos | Returnal

You'll swear you've been here before!

From ancient citadels to lush jungles, Atropos has everything to satisfy repeat visitors. Lose track of time in the overgrown ruins of a lost alien civilization and discover xeno technology from times forgotten. Avoid approaching the native fauna however - it’s known to be extremely hostile. Whatever you’re looking for, Atropos is the perfect destination to bridge the gap between your dreams and the real world.

India | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Overland tours of the ancient Western Ghats

Get a little mud on the tires as you explore the brooding expanses of India's magnificent Western Ghats. Hiring a rugged off-roader is recommended (preferably with a winch) as there's way too much to cover on foot. For avid photographers, unforgettable views and historical grandeur lie over every bluff, and though recent unrest has made things a little dicey, well prepared (and armed!) travellers needn't be discouraged.

Europe | Resident Evil Village 

An idyllic rural escape for the whole family

Need a break from the rat race? Take a digital detox in the pastoral backwoods of central Europe. No cell coverage here! Explore rustic villages, lose yourself in labyrinthine gothic castles, and forage for local delicacies (the native ‘green herb’ is *chef’s kiss*). Sure, the locals can be a touch frosty and wildlife intimidating (wolf sightings have spiked recently) but once this place has its claws in, you may find you’ll never – ever – want to leave.


The Big Apple? More like the Giant Pizza!

Pay no mind to the gaudy, over-subscribed Upper Plate; the real action is down in Sector 6's Wall Market. Here, you'll discover exciting new cuisines, the very latest in fashionable protective gear and some racy burlesque shows. If you're feeling lucky - and fighting fit - the Battle Arena is always open to newcomers, or if you're looking to unwind, Madam M is the finest masseuse above or below the Plate.  

Sargasso | Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

A glorious getaway to another dimension

When the hustle and bustle of our current reality starts to feel a little too familiar, why not hop a dimensional rift and visit somewhere truly exotic - like planet Sargasso? Take in the lush foliage and abundant wildlife of a complex alien ecosystem, all framed by beautiful bodies of roiling acid, carnivorous plant-life and critters that just can’t wait to get within petting distance. Plus, giant, flying robotic centipedes driven by mercen-- er… fellow vacationers!

The United Cities of America | Death Stranding

Coast to coast: the North American continent on foot

With investment in new infrastructure rapidly on the rise, America’s untamed wilderness has never been more accessible. Pack smartly, invest in quality footwear and be prepared to get creative as you traverse some of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes. Be sure to bring waterproofs, though, the weather can turn at any moment.