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Welcome to PlayStationTMVue, a cloud-based TV platform offering live TV, VOD, and DVR with no annual contract. PlayStationTMVue is available nationwide in all 210 US DMAs across a variety of devices. Four multi-channel plans are available for consumers to choose from, along with multiple standalone and add-on channel offerings. 

For more information about available plans, channels, and devices, please visit

With DMA-targeted blackout, mobile-restriction, DAI capabilities (Live and VOD), ad-share, and robust analytics, PlayStationTMVue offers unprecedented flexibility and power. Whether you are a traditional streaming broadcast or a new OTT service, we are thrilled to offer your channel on PlayStationTMVue.

Onboarding Information

We're excited to share onboarding and specification information with you through this website, along with answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to contact us, 24/7.

Onboarding Specifications

Programming Specifications

Blackout Management via the Admin Portal

Collection Management via the Admin Portal

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My channel is launching; how do I see it?
A:  You will receive login credentials on the day your channel launches. You will then be able to access PlayStationTMVue and see your channel!

Q: I'm having issues with my login credentials, help!
A: For questions with login credentials, email us at Make sure to include the account and DMA information for your request.

Q:  How does PlayStationTMVue determine what local feed a user should receive?
A:  We use a combination of a user's home IP address zip code and the billing zip code to determine the user's location and their local streams.

Q: What kind of reports can I expect on customers after my channel is live?
A: Our business team sends out monthly reports with a variety of information. Get in touch with your business contact for more details.

Q:  How long does onboarding take?
A:  Onboarding typically takes 10 - 12 weeks including signal acquisition, testing pitched VOD packages, stream testing in pre-production, and scheduling the channel launch date.

Q: A customer has contacted us for assistance with their PlayStation Vue channel; where do we direct them?
A: Have your customer call our Care Center at 877-VUE-SONY (883-7669). We also have Customer Support via Twitter (hashtag #PSVue and #PlayStationVue) and chat support available from

Q: Where do I send my blackout information?
A: You can send all information regarding blackouts to

Q: I want to alert Sony of some exciting upcoming programming; what should I do?
A: Terrific! Send us an email at and include the date and channel of your content.

Q: I need to take down a VOD asset or update some metadata, what do I do?
A: We're here to help. Just email our team at

Q: My channel name and/or logo is changing; who do I reach out to?
A: Please submit new logos and information about the change to within four weeks of the desired go live date. Logo and/or name changes typically take 2 - 4 weeks to complete, but we will try our best to change the logo and/or channel name as close to the requested time as possible.

Q:  I have more questions! Who do I contact?
A:  Great! We'd love to hear from you. Please contact

Q: My channel is launching; when will I be able to see it?
A: The validation process in a channel launch typically takes several hours to complete. You will usually receive notification of a successful launch by 3pm Pacific.

Got an operations issue or question?
You can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year.