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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I watch TV on PlayStation™Vue?

PlayStation™Vue offers live TV, movies, sports, news, and much more! Here are the different ways to watch and how the app is organized:

Ways to watch TV on PlayStation™Vue
There are a few ways to watch TV on PlayStation™Vue:

  • Live TV: TV streaming in real time.
  • On Demand: If a show displays “On Demand”, that show may be available to watch for longer than three days after airing (note: we must adhere to some programming expiration dates from our network partners.)
  • My DVR:* Any show you add to My DVR is automatically saved whenever it airs. Upcoming airings marked “DVR” are saved for up to 28 days from the airing date within the “My DVR” menu. “DVR” and a checkmark will appear in the respective show tile once it has been saved. On Demand versions of specific shows will also be saved in “My DVR” and will have different restrictions (as determined by rights holders) than shows that are marked as “DVR”. DVR programming saved in “My DVR” can be watched in and out of your home network. The DVR has no conflicts and has a very high capacity:  you can save unlimited episodes on up to 500 programs.


Note: DVR restrictions apply. Read more about DVR availability for certain channels, viewing locations and markets.

On some devices, you can press and hold the Menu button from anywhere in the PlayStation™Vue app to see a quick navigation menu with controls for navigating to last channel, Guide, My DVR, and search. Press back or the Menu button to dismiss this quick navigation menu.

Additionally, on some devices, you can press and hold the Select button on program tiles to access extra ways of getting around the app more easily.

How the PlayStation™Vue app is organized

When you first launch PlayStation™Vue you will see the Home screen. This is where you can browse different kinds of programming in different menu rows, including:

  • Timeline / Now Playing: The Timeline / Now Playing menu row (sometimes called “You’re Watching”) displays the program you’re currently viewing, as well as what’s up next for that channel or show.
  • My DVR:* The My DVR menu row displays programming you have favorited, and provides access to DVR and On Demand programming for those shows. Click “More” at the end of the menu to see the full list. You can add and remove shows to My DVR by toggling the favorite (heart) icon on and off in the details page for each program. Any show you add to My DVR is automatically saved whenever it airs. Upcoming airings marked “DVR” are saved for up to 28 days from the airing date within the “My DVR” menu. DVR programming saved in “My DVR” can be watched in and out of your home network.
  • *Note: DVR restrictions apply. Read more about DVR availability for certain channels, viewing locations and markets.

  • Live TV: The Live TV menu row displays the live, popular, and trending shows being watched right now. Click “More” at the end of the menu to see the full list.
  • Channels: The Channels menu row displays channels you have saved as a favorite. Click “More” at the end of the menu to see the full list. You can add and remove favorite channels by toggling the favorite (heart) icon on and off on the channel details page.
  • Sports: The Sports menu row displays popular sports programming that is currently airing, upcoming, and available On Demand, in addition to sports news.
  • Kids: The Kids menu row displays popular kids programming that is currently airing, upcoming, and available On Demand.
  • Featured: The Featured menu displays popular new shows recommended by our network partners.

Note: Some features and controls are limited in availability or named differently on certain devices.

How can I discover new programming or search for a specific show?

Explore, Search, and Guide are a few of the ways to find the programming you’re looking for  (availability may vary by device).

With Explore* you can filter by:

  • Category (e.g. TV Shows, Movies, Sports News)
  • Genre (over 40 filters including comedy, drama, history, reality, soccer and more)
  • Content length
  • Age rating
  • Channels
  • Popularity

Use the On Demand** menu item to browse thousands of programs available On Demand, which you can choose to watch at any time (note: we must adhere to some programming expiration dates from our network partners).

Search displays the most popular results for your search keywords at the top of the results list. PlayStation™Vue also remembers your search history so you never forget all the great TV you’ve been trying to find.

In the Guide**, you can scroll through all the content currently on TV, as well as take a look at what’s coming up and what you can catch up on. Your favorite channels will appear first, followed by the local broadcast channels, then the national channels in alphabetical order.

* Explore is not available on Roku® Players or TVs, Apple TV®, mobile, or while watching on web on a computer browser at

** The On Demand menu item is being added to the PlayStation™Vue header menu of TV-connected devices throughout September and October of 2018. This On Demand menu item is not available on mobile devices, on a web browser, or on PlayStation™Vue version 1.8 on Roku Players and TVs, but On Demand programming can still be found on those devices through a show’s detail page.

*** Guide is only available on Roku® Players and TVs with PlayStation™Vue version 2.3 and up. Read more about supported devices for PlayStation™Vue version 2.3.

What features are available for sports fans?

PlayStation™Vue offers several features for sports fans:

  • Multi-view on the PS4™ console: On a PS4™ console, you can watch up to three live programs at the same time. 10mpbs internet bandwidth is recommended for the first stream, with 5mbps per each additional stream. Multi-view is available for live programming only and is available exclusively on the PS4™ console.
  • Live scores: On PS4™ consoles, PS3™ consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and on a computer browser at, live scores for ongoing games are displayed on the game’s program tile. With live scores, so you can easily track game progress for games you’re not actively watching. Live scores are turned off by default, but can be turned on in Settings.
  • League pages: On Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and on a computer browser at, you can see upcoming events for a specific league, sorted by schedule order of what’s coming up next. The following leagues are included:
    • NBA
    • NCAA Men's Basketball
    • NCAA Women's Basketball
    • NCAA Football (College Football)
    • NFL
    • NHL
    • MLB
    • Bundesliga
    • MLS
    • Premier League

Note: Local and regional sports programming will vary by location and zip code. Some sports programming subject to blackouts.

What is a home device?

If you often watch PlayStation™Vue from a certain device while you’re at home, you can visit Settings to set that device as your “home device”. Any supported device except the computer web player and Roku Players and TVs running PlayStation™Vue version 1.7 can be set as your home device. By setting your home device, you will receive up to two more simultaneous streams to use at home. (Read more about simultaneous streaming rules.)

You can only have one home device set at a time. You can set or change the home device up to three times. You can change your home device to a different home device up to three times. After you have set your home device for the third time, you will not be able to change that home device again, so be sure to set your home device as one that you plan to use for a long time.

Can I watch PlayStation™Vue away from home?

You can use PlayStation™Vue from anywhere in the USA! You can even sign up outside your home area and start watching right away. Here is what to expect if you’re watching away from home:

  • While you’re traveling, you’ll be able to watch the available local programming for that location. You will not be able to DVR the local programming in the place you are visiting. Your DVR will still record your home local channels, and you’ll be able to watch that DVR programming while you are traveling.
  • While you’re traveling, you’ll be able to watch your local regional sports networks. However, if you’ve never signed into PlayStation™Vue from your home area, you won’t be able to watch your local regional sports networks until you sign into PlayStation™Vue from the zip code you used when you subscribed.
  • NHL games are not available to watch when you are away from home.
  • If you subscribe to PlayStation™Vue away from home, you must return to your home area within the first 30 days of your subscription.
  • After you’ve signed into PlayStation™Vue from your home area once within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can watch PlayStation™Vue from any location for 60 consecutive days before you must check in again from your home area.

If you are outside your home area for longer than the timeframes mentioned above, you may receive certain error messages regarding unavailability of PlayStation™Vue or interruption of service. These can usually be resolved by signing into PlayStation™Vue from your home zip code. However, if you are receiving a message or an error that you are not in your home area, but you actually are in your home area, you may be able to resolve this online at, or contact Customer Support at or

How can I use my PlayStation™Vue account to use “TV Everywhere” apps?

Over 60 of our network partners have “TV Everywhere” apps or websites through which you can watch live TV and On Demand programming from that channel. While these apps and sites are separate from PlayStation™Vue, they can be used at no additional cost with your PlayStation™Vue subscription.

To authenticate and gain access, you will need a subscription to a PlayStation™Vue plan that includes the channel whose content you are looking to access.

You can access the below list of apps or websites with your PlayStation™Network credentials. When you download each app, simply look for the PlayStation™Vue logo or drop down option on the app’s log-in screen. Once at the log-in screen, type in your credentials - and you’re in! Most apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

  • Adult Swim
  • ABC
  • AMC (AMC Something More)
  • American Heroes Channel (AHC GO)
  • Animal Planet (Animal Planet GO)
  • BBC America
  • Bravo (Bravo Now)
  • Big Ten Network (BTN2GO)
  • Cartoon Network App
  • CBS
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Cine Sony
  • CNBC (
  • CNN
  • Cooking Channel  (Watch Cooking Channel)
  • Destination America (Destination America GO)
  • Discovery (Discovery GO)
  • Discovery Life (Discovery Life GO)
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • DIY (Watch DIY)
  • E! (E! Now)
  • The ESPN app (includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNews, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network +, ESPN Bases Loaded, and ESPN Goal Line)
  • Food Network (Watch Food Network)
  • FOX Business
  • Fox News
  • FOX Sports (FOX Sports GO; includes FS1, FS2, FOX College Sports, FOX Sports Deportes, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports Arizona, FOX Sports Detroit, FOX Sports Florida, FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports North, FOX Sports Prime Ticket, FOX Sports South, FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports Southwest, FOX Sports Southwest Plus, FOX Sports West, Sun Sports, and Yes Network)
  • Freeform
  • FX Now (includes FX, FXX, FXM)
  • Golf Channel (Golf Live Extra)
  • Hallmark (Hallmark Channel Everywhere)
  • HLN (via the CNN app)
  • HGTV (Watch HGTV)
  • IFC (IFC Always Slightly Off)
  • Investigation Discovery (Investigation Discovery GO)
  • MLB Network (
  • MLB Network Strike Zone (
  • Nat Geo TV
  • NBC
  • NBC News
  • NBC Sports Regional Networks (NBC Sports)
  • NCAA March Madness Live (includes CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV)
  • NESN (NESNgo)
  • NFL Network (Watch NFL Network and NFL Mobile)
  • NFL RedZone (Watch NFL Network and NFL Mobile)
  • OWN (Watch OWN)
  • Oxygen (Oxygen Now)
  • POP TV
  • Science Channel (Science Channel GO)
  • Sony Movie Channel
  • Universal Kids
  • Sundance (Sundance TV)
  • Syfy (SyFy Now)
  • Telemundo (Telemundo Now)
  • TLC (TLC GO)
  • Travel Channel (Watch Travel Channel)
  • truTV (Watch truTV)
  • Turner Classic Movies (Watch Turner Classic Movies)
  • Velocity (Velocity GO
  • WE (WE tv)

NOTE: CBS All-Access is a separate subscription service offered by CBS, and is not included as part of a PlayStation™Vue subscription.

* Sony Entertainment Network

Are there any DVR restrictions?

PlayStation™Vue has a powerful DVR with lots of storage space and no recording conflicts. The majority of available live programs and channels on PlayStation™Vue can be recorded to the cloud DVR and saved for up to 28 days. With My DVR, available episodes will be sorted from original air date, to make sure you don’t miss a thing, and so you can watch in order. There are some DVR restrictions:

Fast-forwarding restrictions
Programs saved to My DVR from FOX, FX, and FXX will not allow fast forwarding.

DVR availability outside your home network
Programs recorded to DVR can be watched both in and out of your home area. While you are traveling, you can watch DVR programming for your home local channels, but you can’t DVR the local channels in the place you are visiting. Outside your home area you can also view your My DVR library and add programs to My DVR. Any “On Demand” show added to your My DVR library will additionally be available for out-of-home viewing. Other features and functionality may vary by device.

DVR availability for select channels and markets
Select channels and programs cannot be recorded to DVR, including:

  • HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax (Note: Almost all programs airing on the live feed of these channels can be saved, with the On Demand version available in My DVR.)
  • On Demand channels:
    • ESPN Classic
    • Hi-YAH!
      (All programming on these channels is available On Demand.)
  • Some local ABC-affiliated broadcast stations (click to expand locations):
    • Albany, GA (WALB News 10 ABC)
    • Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM (KOAT 7)
    • Alexandria, LA (ABC KLAX 31)
    • Anchorage, AK (ABC Alaska)
    • Augusta, GA (ABC 6)
    • Austin, TX (KVUE)
    • Bakersfield, CA (23 ABC)
    • Bangor, ME (ABC 7)
    • Baton Rouge, LA (WBRZ 2)
    • Bend, OR (KOHD ABC)
    • Billings, MT (ABC 6)
    • Binghamton, NY (Channel 34)
    • Boise, ID (KIVI 6 On Your Side)
    • Bowling Green, KY (WBKO 13)
    • Buffalo, NY (ABC 7)
    • Butte and Bozeman, MT (ABC Montana)
    • Central Coast, CA (KEYT 3)
    • Central Illinois (Heart of Illinois ABC)
    • Central Texas (Central Texas News Now)
    • Central Wisconsin (WAOW 9)
    • Cincinnati, OH (9 On Your Side)
    • Clarksburg, WV (Your ABC)
    • Colorado Springs, CO (NewsChannel 13 HD)
    • Columbia, SC (ABC Columbia)
    • Columbus, GA (WTVM 9)
    • Corpus Christi, TX (KIII-TV 3)
    • C'Ville, CA (ABC 16)
    • Des Moines & Central Iowa (Local 5)
    • Eastern Iowa, IA (KCRG-TV 9)
    • Eau Claire-Lacrosse, WI (WXOW 19)
    • El Paso & Las Cruces, TX (KVIA ABC-7)
    • Elmira, NY (WENY ABC)
    • Erie, PA (JET 24)
    • Eugene, OR (KEZI 9)
    • Fairbanks, AK (ABC Alaska)
    • Ft. Wayne, IN (ABC 21)
    • Gainseville, FL (WCJB TV20)
    • Grand Junction, CO (KJCT 8)
    • Great Falls, MT (ABC Montana)
    • Greenwood/Greenville area, MS (WABG TV-6)
    • Gulf Coast Florida (ABC 7)
    • Hampton Roads, VA (WHSV-TV3)
    • Harrisonburg, VA (WHSV-TV3)
    • Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM 7)
    • Helena, MT (ABC Montana)
    • Honolulu, HI (KITV 4)
    • Huntsville-Decatur, AL (WAAY 31)
    • Idaho Falls, ID (Local News 8)
    • Jackson, MS (16 WAPT)
    • Jackson, TN (WBBJ ABC 7)
    • Jacksonville, FL (WJXX ABC 25)
    • Jonesboro, AR (KAIT Region 8)
    • Juneau, AK (ABC Alaska)
    • Knoxville, TN (WATE 6)
    • Lafayette, IN (WPBY Lafayette)
    • Lafayette, LA (KATC TV 3)
    • Lake Charles, LA (SWLA ABC)
    • Laredo, TX (ABC Laredo)
    • Las Vegas, NV (Channel 13 Action News)
    • Lexington, KY (ABC 36)
    • Lima, OH (ABC Lima)
    • Lincoln, NE (Channel 8 KLKN-TV)
    • Louisville, KY (WHAS 11)
    • Madison, WI (WKOW 27)
    • Memphis, TN (Local 24)
    • Meridian, MS (WTOK TV 11)
    • Mid-Missouri (ABC 17)
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast (WLOX ABC)
    • Missoula, MT (ABC Montana)
    • Monterey County, CA (Central Coast ABC)
    • Montgomery & Selma, AL (ABC Montgomery)
    • North Louisiana & Southern Arkansas (ABC KAQY)
    • North Mississippi (WTVA ABC)
    • Northeast Wisconsin (WBAY-TV 2)
    • Odessa, TX (Local 2)
    • Oklahoma City, OK (KOCO 5)
    • Omaha, NE (KETV News Watch 7)
    • Paducah/Cape Girardeau Area, KY (WSIL-TV 3)
    • Palm Springs, CA (NewsChannel 3)
    • Panama City, FL (WMBB News 13)
    • Port Arthur & Beaumont, TX (12 News Now)
    • Portland, ME (WMTW TV 8)
    • Providence, RI (ABC 6)
    • Rapid City, SD (KOTA Territory)
    • Reno, NV/CA (KOLO 8)
    • Richmond, VA (ABC 8)
    • Salisbury, MD (47 ABC)
    • Savannah, GA (WJCL 22)
    • Shreveport, LA (KTBS 3)
    • Sioux City, IA (KCAU 9)
    • Sious Falls, SD (KSFY)
    • South Central Pennsylvania, PA (ABC 27)
    • Southern Minnesota & mason City (ABC 6)
    • Southwest Oregon, OR (NewsWatch 12)
    • Spokane, WA (KXLY 4 News)
    • Springfield, MA/NH (ABC 40)
    • Springfield, MO (KSPR 33)
    • Syracuse, NY (NewsChannel 9)
    • Toledo, OH (13 ABC)
    • Tri Cities, MI (ABC 12)
    • Tri-Cities, TN (ABC Tri-Cities)
    • Tri-Cities, WA/OR (KVEW ABC 12)
    • Tucson, AZ (KGUN 9)
    • Twin Falls, ID (KSAW ABC 6)
    • Twin Ports, MN (WDIO 10/13 ABC)
    • Tyler, TX (KLTV 7)
    • Victoria, TX (ABC 25)
    • Watertown, NY (ABC 50)
    • West Palm Beach, FL (WPBF 25)
    • Wichita Falls & Lawton, TX (7 News)
    • Wichita Hutchinson, KS (KAKE ABC)
    • Wilmington, NC (WWAY 3 ABC)
    • Yuma, AZ/CA (ABC 5)
  • Some local CBS-affiliated broadcast stations (click to expand locations):
    • Albany, GA (WSWG)
    • Alexandria, LA (CBS Channel 2)
    • Amarillo, TX (NewsChannel 10)
    • Augusta, GA (WRDW 12)
    • Bangor, ME (WABI 5)
    • Baton Rouge, LA (WAFB9News)
    • Capital District, NY (CBS6)
    • Central Coast, CA (KCOY 12)
    • Central Texas (KBTX News)
    • Central Texas (KWTX News 10)
    • Central Wisconsin (WSAW)
    • Charleston, SC (Live 5 WCSC)
    • Cheyenne & Western Nebraska, WY (CBS NewsChannel 5)
    • Clarksburg, WV (WDTV 5 News)
    • Colorado Springs, CO (KKTV 11)
    • Columbia, SC (News19)
    • C'Ville, VA (WCAV-TV)
    • Dayton, OH (WHIO-TV)
    • Des Moines & Central Iowa (KCCI)
    • Dothan, AL (WTVY-TV)
    • Eastern Iowa, IA (CBS 2)
    • El Paso & Las Cruces, TX (CBS4)
    • Elmira, NY (WENY CBS)
    • Erie, PA (WSEE)
    • Fairbanks, AK (KXDF)
    • Fargo, ND (Valley News Live)
    • Gulf Coast Florida (WINK-TV)
    • Harlingen & South Texas (CBS4)
    • Harrisonburg, VA (The V)
    • Honolulu, HI (HAWAII NEWS NOW: KGMB)
    • Idaho Falls, ID (KIDK 3)
    • Jackson, TN (WBBJ CBS 7)
    • Knoxville, TN (Local 8 news)
    • Lake Champlain Region, VT (WCAX)
    • Laredo, TX (CBS Laredo)
    • Lexington, KY (Mountain News WYMT)
    • Lexington, KY (WKYT)
    • Lincoln, NE (10/11 NOW)
    • Little Rock & Central Arkansas, AR (THV11)
    • Louisville, KY (CBS Louisville)
    • Macon, GA (13WMAZ)
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast (WLOX CBS 13)
    • Monterey County, CA (KION News Channel 5)
    • Montgomery & Selma, AL (CBS 8)
    • North Louisiana & Southern Arkansas (KNOE 8 News)
    • North Platte, NE (KNPL)
    • Northern Michigan, MI (9&10 News)
    • Odessa, TX (CBS 7)
    • Oklahoma City, OK (News 9)
    • Omaha, NE (KMTV-TV)
    • Paducah/Cape Girardeau Area, KY (KFVS12)
    • Palm Springs, CA (CBS Local 2)
    • Panama City, FL (Local 18 News)
    • Parkersburg, WV (The Newscenter)
    • Portland, ME (CBS 13)
    • Presque Isle, ME (WAGM)
    • Reno, NV/CA (KTVN)
    • Roanoke Valley, VA (WDBJ 7)
    • Rockford, IL (23 WIFR)
    • Salisbury, MD (WBOC 16)
    • Savannah, GA (WTOC 11)
    • Shreveport, LA (KSLA News 12)
    • South Bend, Elkhart, IN (WSBT 22)
    • Spokane, WA (KREM2)
    • Springfield, MA/NH (WSHM CBS 3)
    • Tallahassee, FL (WCTV)
    • Texoma, TX (CBS 12)
    • Toledo, OH (WTOL 11)
    • Topeka, KS (13 WIBW)
    • Tri Cities, MI (WNEM TV 5)
    • Tucson, AZ (CBS 13)
    • Tulsa, OK (News On 6)
    • Twin Falls, ID (KMVT 11)
    • Tyler, TX (CBS 19)
    • Wichita Falls & Lawton, TX (Newschannel 6)
    • Wichita Hutchinson, KS (KWCH 12)
  • Some local FOX-affiliated broadcast stations (click to expand locations):
    • Altoona & State College, PA (FOX 8)
    • Anchorage, AK (FOX 4)
    • Augusta, GA (WFXG FOX 54)
    • Bangor, ME (FOX 22)
    • Bend, OR (FOX Central Oregon)
    • Binghamton, NY (FOX 40)
    • Birmingham, AL (WBRC FOX 6)
    • Boise, ID (FOX 9)
    • Butte and Bozeman, MT (FOX Montana)
    • Central Coast, CA (FOX 11)
    • Central Connecticut (FOX 61)
    • Central Illinois (WYZZ)
    • Central Wyoming (Wyoming's FOX TV)
    • Charleston, SC (FOX 24)
    • Charleston-Huntington, WV (FOX 11)
    • Cheyenne & Western Nebraska, WY (FOX 27)
    • Coastal North Carolina (FOX Eastern Carolina)
    • Columbus, GA (FOX 54)
    • Dayton, OH (FOX 45)
    • Denver, CO (FOX 31)
    • Dothan, AL (FOX 34)
    • Eastern Iowa, IA (KFXA FOX 28)
    • Emerald City; Seattle, WA (Q13 FOX)
    • Eugene, OR (Oregon's FOX)
    • Eureka, CA (FOX 28)
    • Evansville, IN (FOX 44)
    • Fairbanks, AK (FOX Fairbanks)
    • Fargo, ND (KVRR)
    • Four State Area, MO/KS/OK (FOX 14)
    • Ft. Wayne, IN (FOX 55 Fort Wayne)
    • Great Falls, MT (FOX Montana)
    • Greenwood/Greenville area, MS (Delta FOX 10)
    • Gulf Coast Florida (FOX 4)
    • Harlingen & South Texas (The Valley's FOX KFXV-TV)
    • Hattiesburg, MS (My FOX 23)
    • Helena, MT (FOX Montana)
    • Idaho Falls, ID (FOX 5)
    • Indianapolis, IN (FOX 59)
    • Jackson, MS (FOX 40)
    • Jonesboro, AR (Northeast Arkansas FOX)
    • Juneau, AK (FOX Juneau)
    • Kansas City, MO (FOX 4 Kansas City)
    • Knoxville, TN (FOX 43)
    • Lafayette, IN (FOX 16)
    • Lafayette, LA (FOX 15)
    • Lake Charles, LA (KVHP FOX 29)
    • Lansing, MI (FOX 47)
    • Laredo, TX (FOX Laredo)
    • Las Vegas, NV (FOX 5)
    • Lima, OH (FOX Lima)
    • Louisville, KY (WDRB)
    • Memphis, TN (FOX 13)
    • Meridian, MS (FOX 30)
    • Mid-Missouri (FOX 22)
    • Midwest Texas (KXVA FOX 15)
    • Milwaukee, WI (FOX 6 Milwaukee)
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast (WXXV FOX 25)
    • Missoula, MT (FOX Montana)
    • Mobile & Florida Panhandle (FOX10)
    • Monterey County, CA (KCBA FOX 35)
    • North Mississippi (WLOV FOX)
    • Northeast Ohio (FOX 8)
    • Northern California (FOX 20)
    • Palm Springs, CA (FOX 11)
    • Panama City, FL (FOX 28)
    • Pee Dee Region, SC (FXB FOX TV)
    • Port Arthur & Beaumont, TX (FOX 4 Beaumont)
    • Portland, ME (FOX 23)
    • Sacramento, CA (FOX 40)
    • Salisbury, MD (FOX21 Delmarva)
    • Salt Lake City, UT (FOX 13)
    • San Angelo, TX (KIDY 10, FOX San Angelo)
    • San Diego, CA (FOX 5 San Diego)
    • Scranton & Wilkes Barre, PA (FOX 56)
    • Sioux Falls, SD (FOX 7)
    • South Central Pennsylvania, PA (FOX 43)
    • Southern Iowa & Northern Missouri (KYOU FOX 15)
    • Southern Minnesota & Mason City (FOX 47)
    • Southwest Oregon, OR (FOX 26)
    • Spokane, WA (FOX 28)
    • Springfield, MA/NH (FOX 6)
    • Springfield, MO (FOX 5)
    • Springfield-Champaign-Decatur, IL (FOX 55/27 Illinois)
    • St. Joseph, MO (FOX 26 KNPN)
    • Terre Haute, IN (WTHI 10)
    • The Triad, NC (FOX8)
    • Toledo, OH (FOX 36)
    • Tri-Cities, TN (FOX Tri-Cities)
    • Tri-Cities, WA/OR (FOX 41)
    • Tri-State Area, IL (WGEM FOX)
    • Tucson, AZ (FOX 11)
    • Tulsa, OK (KOKI FOX 23 Tulsa)
    • Twin Ports, MN (FOX 21)
    • Upstate South Carolina (FOX Carolina)
    • Victoria, TX (FOX 19)
    • West Michigan, MI (FOX 17)
    • West Palm Beach, FL (FOX 29)
    • Wilmington, NC (FOX Wilmington)
    • Yuma, AZ/CA (FOX 9)
  • Some local NBC-affiliated broadcast stations (click to expand locations):
    • Albany, GA (WALB)
    • Alexandria, LA (KALB)
    • Anchorage, AK (KTUU)
    • Augusta, GA (WAGT)
    • Birmingham, AL (WVTM)
    • Central Wisconsin (WJFW)
    • Central Wyoming (KCWY)
    • Charleston-Huntington, WV (WSAZ)
    • Cheyenne & Western Nebraska, WY (KCHY)
    • Coastal North Carolina (WITN)
    • Columbia, SC (WIS)
    • Dothan, AL (WRGX)
    • Eau Claire-Lacrosse, WI (WEAU)
    • Erie, PA (WICU)
    • Eureka, CA (KIEM)
    • Evansville, IN (WFIE)
    • Fairbanks, AK (KTVF)
    • Fargo, ND (KVLY)
    • Grand Junction, CO (KKCO)
    • Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM)
    • Honolulu, HI (KHNL)
    • Huntsville-Decatur, AL (WAFF)
    • Jackson, MS (WLBT)
    • Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)
    • Lafayette, IN (WPBI)
    • Lake Champlain Region, VT (WPTZ)
    • Lake Charles, LA (KPLC)
    • Lansing, MI (WILX)
    • Laredo, TX (KGNS)
    • Lima, OH (WLIO)
    • Lincoln, NE (KSNB)
    • Louisville, KY (WAVE)
    • Lubbock, TX (KCBD)
    • Madison, WI (WMTV)
    • Marquette, MI (WLUC)
    • Memphis, TN (WMC)
    • Meridian, MS (WGBC)
    • Minot-Bismarck Area, ND (KFYR)
    • Mississippi Gulf Coast (WXXV)
    • Mohawk Valley, NY (WKTV)
    • Monterey County, CA (KSBW)
    • Montgomery & Selma, AL (WSFA)
    • North Mississippi (WTVA)
    • North Platte, NE (KNOP)
    • Northern California (KNVN)
    • Odessa, TX (KWES)
    • Omaha, NE (WOWT)
    • Palm Springs, CA (KMIR)
    • Panama City, FL (WJHG)
    • Parkersburg, WV (WTAP)
    • Pee Dee Region, SC (WMBF)
    • Quad Cities, IA (KWQC)
    • Rapid City, SD (KNBN)
    • Reno, NV/CA (KRNV)
    • Richmond, VA (WWBT)
    • South Bend, Elkhart, IN (WNDU)
    • South Central Pennsylvania, PA (WGAL)
    • Southwest Oregon, OR (KOBI)
    • Springfield, MO (KYTV)
    • Springfield-Champaign-Decatur, IL (WAND)
    • The Triad, NC (WXII)
    • Tulsa, OK (KJRH)
    • Upstate South Carolina (WYFF)
    • West Palm Beach, FL (WPTV)
    • Wilmington, NC (WECT)
    • Zanesville, OH (WHIZ)

Does PlayStation™Vue offer voice-controlled commands?

Yes! PlayStation™Vue offers voice-controlled commands on Amazon Fire TV devices and Android TV.

Amazon Fire TV Voice Control with Alexa
On Amazon Fire TV devices, you can choose channels and control playback with only your voice, using the Amazon Fire TV remote and Alexa. Available commands include:

  • Select a channel using that channel’s call sign. For example:  “Alexa, go to ESPN on PlayStation Vue."
  • Control video playback with the following voice commands:
    • "Pause"
    • "Fast Forward"
    • "Rewind"
    • "Jump"
    • "Start Over"

Android TV Voice Controls with Google Assistant
On Android TV, with NVIDIA Shield and Google Assistant, you can choose programs and control playback with only your voice, using the remote. Available commands include:

  • Choose programs using the name of the program. For example:  “OK Google, find Teen Titans Go."
  • Control video playback with the following voice commands:
    • "Play"
    • "Pause"

There are currently no commands available for navigating to channels, nor are there commands available for fast forward or rewind.

Does PlayStation™Vue have parental controls?

PlayStation™Vue does not currently offer parental controls, however there are a few ways to filter and manage content being viewed. To filter programming for certain genres and/or ratings, use “Explore” on your home screen toolbar. Program details also provide ratings; press the square button to bring up program details.

How do I enable / disable closed captioning?

To enable/disable closed captioning while you are watching a show, press up or down to see the player control menu. Select the CC icon to turn the closed captioning on or off. You can also:

  • Go to the channel and select the show to view
  • After the show loads and video is playing, push L3 left toggle down
  • Select Audio Options (has a CC icon)
  • Select the CC icon to toggle Closed Captioning on/off

I’m on a monthly data plan; how can I best preserve data usage?

To preserve data usage, close PlayStation™Vue each time you’re done using it, then return to the Home Screen of your device.

Note: For optimal use of PlayStation™Vue, limited data plans are not recommended.