I'm receiving an error message, what does it mean?

You may receive certain error messages regarding unavailability of PlayStation™Vue or interruption of service. The most common error messages are explained below, along with a description on what you can do if and when you see one of these messages.

Error #

Error Text

Description / User Action

1011, 1014, 1018, S2_2bc-s3, s1_2bc_s-6


Your account is locked. It looks like you may have used your PlayStation™Vue account in more than one home location. PlayStation™Vue is for use in a single home location only. Please contact Customer Support at 877-883-7669.

PlayStation™Vue has already been accessed from a different IP address than what was registered at signup.

What you can do:  If you’re outside your home, please try again at home.  If you continue seeing these errors, please Contact Customer Support.


PlayStation™Vue is not available from this location. Thank you for your interest.

PlayStation™Vue was accessed from outside the U.S., or from a VPN account.

What you can do:  PlayStation™Vue cannot be accessed from these locations. Sign up for service in a location where PlayStation™Vue has service.


We’ve detected a change in your network connection or location. If you tried streaming PlayStation™Vue outside of your home location, please remember you can only stream outside of the home with PS Vue Mobile. If you’ve recently moved, please contact Customer Support at 877-883-7669.

Either network or location changes indicate PlayStation™Vue was accessed outside of the region associated with the account.

What you can do: You can continue to use the service as normal while we verify your location.