Frequently Asked Questions

Overview and Getting Started

What is PlayStation™Vue?

PlayStation™Vue is a TV service that streams live TV, movies, and sports on a variety of your favorite devices without a cable or satellite subscription. With powerful features that allow you to save thousands of hours of your favorite shows without recording conflicts, and Premium channels that can be purchased individually or with a multi-channel plan, TV has never been the same. No annual contracts, no conflicts, no problems.

Where is PlayStation™Vue available?

PlayStation™Vue is available across all 50 United States.

What channels are on PlayStation™Vue?

PlayStation Vue currently carries a rich lineup of 100+ broadcast, and On-Demand channels from top network groups including Disney-ABC, AMC, CBS, Discovery, Fox, NBC Universal, Scripps, Turner and Viacom. Additionally, some channels can be added to existing packages, or purchased on their own. For more information on available channels and packages by your location, please visit

Does PlayStation™Vue carry all local channels in every city?

While we feature many live, local channels  - including top broadcast channels, local/regional sports channels, and more - some channel availability will vary depending on your location and zip code. While some packages may not include select live-broadcast channels, alternative On-Demand channels will be available featuring top content from a given network in its place. For more information on channel and plan availability for your location, please see

Can I watch sports on PlayStation™Vue?

Absolutely. PlayStation™Vue offers many popular local and national sports channels that vary by location. Primary, local Comcast and FOX Sports channels are available in participating regions, with Premium Sports content available through SHOWTIME and FOX Soccer Plus as well. For a detailed list of sports content and channel listings, please see

In addition, with a PlayStation™Vue subscription, you’ll get the best of Live Sports, Sports Entertainment, and Sports News with ESPN. ESPN and related channels are accessible with differing availability through Access, Core, and Elite subscriptions of PlayStation™Vue.

Note: Local and regional sports content will vary by location and zip code. 

Can I watch my favorite local team?

PlayStation™Vue provides many local sports channels and content, though team-specific coverage will vary depending on your location, your zip code, and your subscription. We will continue to work with our partners to showcase as much great sports content as possible.

What are some Key Features of PlayStation™Vue?

Note: Location and availability of some features vary by device. For specific information, please see our Supported Device FAQs.

  • My Shows: Add your favorites to “My Shows” and automatically save and store newly aired episodes to the cloud for up to 28 days. We’ll even sort them for you in a personalized list. You won’t need to worry if multiple shows are airing at the same time or whether you’ve got space to record another episode. Add content to “My Shows” by selecting the [+] icon, or hitting R1 on PlayStation® Consoles.
  • Explore: When you don’t know what to watch, “Explore” is the best place to start. With adaptive filters to help you quickly discover programming, you can sort by genre, rating, length and more. The Explore tool can be found in the toolbar on top of the Home screen.
  • Favorite Channels: Tag the channels you love and see them front and center. Favorite Channels will appear first in your Guide and on the Home screen. Never scroll through hundreds of channels again to get to what you want.
  • Timeline: Not only can you easily enjoy Live TV on PlayStation™Vue, but we’ll create a simple, personalized list of what you’re currently watching, what you’ve previously watched, and what’s on next, right on your Home Screen.
  • Second Screen Viewing:  Once you have signed up for PlayStation™Vue, you can also enjoy second screen viewing of select channels in and out of the home with PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices. In addition, you can even cast directly to your Television via Google Chromecast, and use a variety of TV-Connected devices, including Amazon Fire TV. For full details, please see our Supported Device FAQs.
How do I find "On-Demand" shows and movies?

With PlayStation™Vue you can stream tons of great On-Demand shows and movies. By selecting any show or channel, you’ll have access to all available programming, whether it’s available through “DVR”, “Catch Up”, or “On-Demand.”

Why do I see some "On-Demand" Channels instead of Live Channels?

We work with our partners to provide many great live channels, including live, local broadcast channels. Depending on your location, however, channel availability will vary. In some cases where a live local broadcast channel isn’t available, an alternative On-Demand channel will be available in its place. These “On-Demand” channels provide catalogs of the top content from a given network.

We will continue to work with our content partners to provide as much great live TV as possible.

Will I be able to pick and choose channels?

Yes! While PlayStation™Vue offers three main packages with a variety of sports, movies, news, and lifestyle channels, there are also premium networks you can pick and choose to add to your plan, or purchase on their own. Check out the Channel-Specific FAQ section for all the details.

Can I record/DVR live TV programs?

Yes! By adding your favorite shows to “My Shows”, you will automatically save them for up to 28 days after they air. On Demand content added to “My Shows” will be saved for varying amounts of time.

Note: Some “On-Demand” and “DVR” programming availability will vary.

Where can I use PlayStation™Vue?

PlayStation™Vue is available for use inside your home at the location you activated your subscription. This is called your “home” location, defined by the network IP address you used to sign into PlayStation™Vue for the first time.

You cannot use your credentials on a friend’s PlayStation device. Attempting to stream PlayStation™Vue outside of your “home” location can result in the blocking of service to your account.

With PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices, you can stream select channels outside the home, or stream directly to your TV via Google Chromecast. Please see the Supported Device FAQs for more information on PlayStation™Vue Mobile and PlayStation™Vue on Google Chromecast

Can I access PlayStation™Vue outside my home?

You cannot physically take your PS4™ or PS3™ console or other TV-connected devices outside your home, nor can you sign in to or access the service on someone else’s device outside of your home.

You can access select channels on PlayStation™Vue Mobile outside the home.

Note: By ignoring the “In-Home” rules above, PlayStation™Vue will be unavailable, and you may be blocked from service.

What video quality is available on PlayStation™Vue?

All High Definition content will be available in HD with adaptive bitrate streaming, so you will see the highest resolution your broadband allows.

How much internet bandwidth do I need for PlayStation™Vue?

10mbps or higher is recommended for the best experience, plus 5mbps for every additional stream.

Can I use PlayStation™Vue while connected to a Mobile Hotspot or other temporary Internet connection?

A temporary Internet connection, or Hotspot connection should not be used with PlayStation™Vue. PlayStation™Vue requires a high-speed Internet connection, and depends on a static location and IP address. Hotspots often interfere with these requirements and can restrict access to PlayStation™Vue.

Does PlayStation™Vue include commercials?

PlayStation™Vue airs many of the same live TV channels available on cable and satellite services, so commercials will be included. Your ability to fast forward through commercials will be similar to that on other television services. Any airing recorded to “My Shows” will have no restrictions on fast forwarding. You will not be able to fast forward through commercials within Catch-up or while watching On Demand programming.

How do I get started using PlayStation™Vue?

Sign up for PlayStation™Vue at, then follow these steps:

1.     Search for PlayStation™Vue from your respective App Store (PlayStation, Amazon, etc.) and download the application to your respective TV-connected Device.

2.     Navigate  to the PlayStation™Vue application  on your device.

3.     Login with your PlayStation™Network ID.

You can also sign up on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 devices; just download the app to get started. Once you’ve activated your TV-connected device, you can also download and activate the PlayStation™Vue Mobile app.

Note: You must first activate a supported TV-connected device (PS4, PS3, Fire TV) prior to logging into the PlayStationVue Mobile application.


Billing and Subscription Information

What do I need to subscribe to PlayStation™Vue?

Subscribing to PlayStation Vue is easy. You just need the following:

  • A supported, TV-connected device (PlayStation®4 console, PlayStation®3 console, Amazon Fire TV device) with internet access. (Please see Supported Device FAQs for more specific information.)
  • An account on PlayStation™Network* with an associated valid credit card, and a residential address on file. (If a PO Box or business account is associated with your account, you will need to manually adjust your address in order to subscribe to PlayStation™Vue.)

Note: Your billing address must match that of your device’s location, home location, and the location you enter during sign-up.

* Sony Entertainment Network

Can I try PlayStation™Vue with a free trial?

Yes, you can try PlayStation™Vue with a free trial. One free trial per customer is available for 7 days, and can be enjoyed immediately after signing up for a subscription.

The first time you sign up for your package of choice, you will receive a 7-day free trial. You can cancel the trial at any time. If you do not cancel before the end of the 7th day, you automatically begin your monthly subscription and you will be charged a monthly fee based on your chosen plan until you cancel. There are no penalties for cancellation and you will still have access for the rest of the month already paid for. To cancel, go to Settings, select Subscription and click the cancel button or login at and select My Subscription > Unsubscribe.

Are there any additional fees for PlayStation™Vue?

There are no additional fees, hidden fees or charges (i.e. no HD fees, installation fees, local sports fees etc.) All pricing - inclusive of any taxes - is presented to you at checkout prior to purchase, so what you see is what you pay.

When does my billing cycle begin?

Your billing cycle begins as soon as your seven-day free trial has ended. If you’ve already had a free trial, your billing cycle will commence upon purchase. PlayStation™Vue subscriptions and all additional subscriptions through PlayStation™Vue will automatically renew on the monthly anniversary of your subscription start date. However, if your billing date is the 30th or 31st of the month, in a month with fewer days you will instead be charged - and your subscription will auto-renew - on the last day of that month.

Can I change my payment due date once the subscription begins?

Unfortunately, changing your payment due date is not possible at this time. You will need to cancel and re-subscribe to PlayStation™Vue on the day you wish your billing cycle to start.

How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription once per billing cycle (once per month). You can make adjustments to your PlayStation™Vue account by logging in at and selecting My Subscription.

To make adjustments to your subscription from PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console:

  1. Within PlayStation™Vue, highlight [Settings].
  2. Go to [Subscription] and press X.
  3. Choose [Modify My Subscription] or [Unsubscribe].

Note: If you are downgrading your service in the middle of your billing cycle, you will still continue to receive the upgraded package for the rest of the month and will not receive any refund or credit. The next billing cycle will start your new plan and you will be charged accordingly.

If you are upgrading your service in the middle of your billing cycle, you will be charged the pro-rata price difference and immediately upon purchase confirmation you will receive access to the upgraded plan.


Service Availability and Location Errors

What is my “home location”?

Your “home location” is the IP address and zip code that are recorded along with your device when you first subscribe to PlayStation™Vue. PlayStation™Vue will not work across multiple IPs in the home.

I'm having trouble accessing PlayStation™Vue from my home location. What should I do?

If you are receiving an error message that you are not in your home location, please contact Customer Support.

Can I change my home location if I move?

Yes, you can change your home location if you’ve changed permanent addresses. The first time you attempt to use your account to access PlayStation™Vue from outside your previous home location, you will be asked if you would like to change your home location. PlayStation™Vue will assume you have changed your home address and you may be messaged as such.

Note:  You can only make a home location change one time, otherwise your account may be blocked from service.

Changing your home location may result in changes to your account, as regional channel availability will vary based on your zip code.

If you experience location issues or errors with PlayStation™Vue after moving, please contact Customer Support.

What do the location errors mean?

You may receive certain error messages regarding unavailability of PlayStation™Vue. The most common error messages are explained below, along with a description on what you can do if and when you see one of these messages.

Error #

Error Text

Description / User Action

1011, 1014, 1018, S2_2bc-s3


Your account is locked. It looks like you may have used your PlayStation™Vue account in more than one home location. PlayStation™Vue is for use in a single home location only. Please contact Customer Support at 877-883-7669.

PlayStation™Vue had already been accessed from a different IP address than what was registered at signup. User is then trying to access service from the original IP address

What you can do:  Contact Customer Support.


PlayStation™Vue is not available from this location. Thank you for your interest.

PlayStation™Vue was accessed from outside the U.S., or from a VPN account.

What you can do:  PlayStation™Vue cannot be accessed from these locations. Sign up for service in a location where PlayStation™Vue has service.


How to Use Key Features

Note: Some features and controls are limited in availability on certain devices.

What is the Home screen?

The Home Screen is the home-base of PlayStation™Vue and is what you first see when opening the app. When you launch PlayStation™Vue, your most recently-watched show will play in the background. Scroll up and down the Home screen to Key Features.

How do I control playback?

There are a few ways to control playback, and steps may vary slightly for each device:

  • While watching a show, press the X button or Select button to pause or to resume playback. You can even Pause Live TV for a 5 minute window.
  • Press Down and Up on the directional pad to show and hide the player menu and progress bar.
  • On some shows, you can rewind. Press Left on the directional pad and stop when you get to the desired point of playback.
  • On some shows, you can fast forward. Press Right on the directional pad and stop when you get to the desired point of playback.
What is the “Live TV” section in PlayStation™Vue?

When you click on the Live TV menu from the Home screen, you first see all the shows that are currently airing in order of their popularity at the moment. This gives you an easy way to see what shows are trending at any time so you never miss a big game or a major televised event. On PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 consoles, you can also press the R2 button to scroll all the way to the right to get a gallery view of every show airing live right now.

How do I use "My Shows"?
  • Highlight any show tile and press the R1 button or select the [+] icon.
  • Any show added to “My Shows” will include a check mark in the upper right hand corner of the show tile once added. In the Guide, any such show will be labeled as ‘DVR’.
  • Note: You can also add a show to “My Shows” on other supported devices by selecting the [+] icon.

On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles, press the L1 button to take you immediately to a complete view of your “My Shows” library.

How do I use “Timeline”?

To see what you recently watched, simply scroll left. You can also scroll right to look ahead to see a show you might want to watch in the future on that channel, or capture them in “My Shows”

How do I use “Favorite Channels”?

You can tag any channel to make it a favorite by pressing the R1 button or by selecting the “Favorite” Heart icon. Once tagged as a favorite, the channel will appear first in the “Favorite Channels” menu on the Home screen and at the front of the Guide.  “Favorite Channels” is a great way to discover new TV shows from the channels you know and love.

How do I discover new content or search for a specific show?


There are a few primary tools to find the content you’re looking for, Explore, Search, and Guide, all found in the tool bar at the top of your home screen (availability may vary by device)

With Explore (Show Explore Icon) You can filter by:


  • Category (e.g. TV Shows, Movies, Sports News)
  • Genre (over 40 filters including comedy, drama, history, reality, soccer and more)
  • Content Length
  • Age rating
  • Channels
  • Popularity

To use Search (Show Search Icon) just do as follows:


  • From the Home screen, go to the top Toolbar and select the “Search” icon.

The most popular results are prioritized at the top. PlayStation™Vue also remembers your search history so you never forget all the great TV you’ve been trying to find.


With the Guide feature (Show Guide Icon): you can scroll through all the content currently on TV, as well as take a look at what’s coming up and what you can catch up on. Your favorite channels will appear first, followed by channels in alphabetical order.

From the Home screen, go to the top Toolbar and select the “Guide” icon.

Why does it look like some Catch Up shows are missing from the Guide?

There are some shows for which you are not able to catch up after it airs.

Do any shows get "blacked out"?

As a TV service provider, PlayStation™Vue must adhere to specific restrictions that are occasionally contracted between studios, sports leagues and your favorite channels. PlayStation™Vue is sometimes not able to show certain movies and TV shows because these restrictions do not permit (and therefore “black out”) the transmission of certain shows over the internet.

Sports Blackouts and National Rights
Rightsholders do not permit sports content to be transmitted in some areas. Therefore, some TV is blacked out for all TV and cable services in some areas. If a national broadcasting network such as FOX, NBC or CBS has national rights to broadcast a sporting event, you may not be able to receive that game, depending on your local market.

Sports Blackouts and Local Rights
Rightsholders do not permit sports content to be transmitted in some areas. Therefore, some TV is blacked out for all TV and cable services in some areas. If a regional sports network that PlayStation™Vue carries has local rights to broadcast a game, and if you live within the region you can receive that game through your PlayStation™Vue subscription, because it includes your local regional sports network(s). If you are outside of the region for a particular team, you will receive alternate programming during the time of a live event.


Can I use my PlayStation™Vue account to authenticate with "TV Everywhere" applications?

Absolutely. Over 50 of our network partners have applications or websites through which you can watch live TV and on demand programming. While these apps and sites are completely separate from PlayStation™Vue, they can be used at no additional cost with your PlayStation™Vue subscription.

To authenticate and gain access, you will need a subscription to a PlayStation™Vue package that includes the channel whose content you are looking to access.

You can access the below list of apps with your PlayStation™Network credentials. When you download each app, simply look for the PlayStation™Vue logo or drop down option on the app’s log-in screen. Once at the log-in screen, type in your credentials and you’re in. Most apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the iTunes store.


  • AdultSwim
  • AMC
  • Bravo Now
  • BTN2GO
  • CartoonNetwork
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • Cooking Channel – Watch Cooking Channel
  • Discovery GO
  • WATCH Disney Channel
  • WATCH Disney Jr.
  • WATCH Disney XD
  • DIY Watch
  • E! Now
  • Esquire TV Now
  • Food Network
  • Fox
  • FOX Business Channel
  • FOX News Channel
  • FOX Sports GO
  • Freeform GO
  • Fusion Live
  • FX Now (includes FX, FXX, FXM - Fox Movies)
  • Golf Channel
  • HGTV Watch
  • LogoTV
  • MTV
  • National Geographic 
  • NBC News
  • NBC Sports Live Extra
  • NBC Universo
  • NCAA March Madness
  • Nick JR
  • Nickelodeon
  • WATCH One World Sports
  • Oxygen Now
  • SHOWTIME Anytime
  • Spike TV
  • Sprout
  • Sundance
  • SyFy Now
  • Telemundo
  • Travel Channel – Watch Travel Channel
  • truTV – Watch truTV
  • Turner Classic Movies – WATCH TCM
  • TV Land
  • VH1
  • WETV


* Sony Entertainment Network

Can I set up multiple people on my account?

Yes! You can create up to five different profiles per PlayStation™Vue account. Each profile will have its own personalized settings, like My Shows, Recommendations, and Favorite Channels. You can select a profile at app launch, or toggle between them from the main toolbar in the app. To add or edit a new profile to your account head to Settings->Profile->Add Profile

How do I enable/disable closed captioning?

To enable/disable closed captioning while you are watching a show, press up or down to see the player control menu. Select the CC icon to turn the closed captioning on or off. You can also:

  1. Go to the channel and select the show to view.
  2. After the show loads and video is playing, push L3 left to toggle down.
  3. Select Audio Options (has a CC icon).
  4. Select the CC icon to toggle Closed Captioning on/off.
Does PlayStation™Vue have Parental Controls?

PlayStation™Vue does not currently offer Parental Controls, however there are a few ways to filter and manage content being viewed. To filter programming for certain genres and/or ratings, use “Explore” on your home screen toolbar. Program details also provide ratings; press the square button to bring up program details. Program details also provide ratings; press the Square button to bring up program details.

I'm on a monthly plan; how can I best preserve data usage?

Note: For optimal use of PlayStation ™Vue, limited data plans are not recommended.

To preserve data usage, close PlayStation™Vue each time you’re done using it. Once you do, return to the Home Screen of your device.


Supported Device FAQs

General Help

Is PlayStation™Vue available on devices other than the PS4 and PS3 systems?

Yep! You can enjoy PlayStation™Vue on a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS devices, and more. See more about devices and availability below.

How many devices can I stream PlayStation™Vue on at once?

A single PlayStation™Vue account can simultaneously stream PlayStation™Vue on up to one PS4 console and one PS3 console in the same home (Note: at this time, you cannot stream on two PS4 consoles or two PS3 consoles at any given time).

Additionally, you can use PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices, or PlayStation™Vue on Fire TV devices for additional simultaneous streams, with up to five total devices supported at once.


PlayStation™Vue on Amazon Fire TV

How do I get PlayStation™Vue on Amazon Fire TV?

Getting PlayStation™Vue on Amazon Fire TV is easy. Once you’ve set up a PlayStation™Vue subscription - either online at or from a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console - download the application from the Amazon app store on your Fire TV device, and sign in using your PlayStation Network* account info. You’ll have instant access to your favorite content and PlayStation™Vue interface.

Don’t have a PlayStation™Vue subscription set up yet? Subscribe through your PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®3 system, or visit to set up a subscription online.

Note: You cannot directly subscribe to PlayStationVue or change your subscription plan through PlayStationVue on Amazon Fire TV devices.

*Sony Entertainment Network account

What's different on PlayStation™Vue on Amazon Fire TV?

With PlayStation™Vue on Amazon Fire TV, you’ll be able to use the great streaming features available on your PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®3 systems, as well as the same intuitive interface. Enjoy full access to Multiple Profiles, Timeline, Explore, My Shows, Favorite Channels and Recommendations; and stream live, on-demand, catch-up, or saved content just like you would on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console. You’ll even have the same access to content between systems; you can start watching on one device and finish watching on your Amazon Fire TV.

While the interface is the same, you cannot currently sign up or make changes to your PlayStation™Vue account, nor change billing information via Amazon Fire TV devices.


PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS

How do I get PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS?

You can download the PlayStation™Vue Mobile app from the Apple App Store on supported iOS devices. If you have an active PlayStation™Vue trial or subscription, you will receive immediate access once the app is downloaded and launched, and you have signed in using your account on PlayStation Network*.

You cannot directly subscribe to PlayStation™Vue or change your plan through PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices.

If you download and open PlayStation™Vue Mobile without a valid subscription or established home location, you will be prompted to complete the subscription process from the PlayStation™Vue app, which can be only downloaded on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 system.

* Sony Entertainment Network account

Are there any channels not available in-home with PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS device?

All channels except the following will be available for in-home viewing with PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices. Within included channels, there may be certain programs that are not available for mobile playback.

  • Bravo
  • Chiller
  • Cloo
  • CNBC
  • CNBC World
  • Comcast SportsNet
  • Cozi TV
  • E!
  • Esquire
  • Golf Channel
  • NBC
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Oxygen
  • Sprout
  • Syfy
  • Telemundo
  • Universal HD
  • USA

All blackout rules apply to PlayStation™Vue Mobile as they do on PlayStation™Vue for your PS4™ and PS3™ consoles. See more information on blackout rules.

What features and channels can I access outside of my home with PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS?

You can watch over 40 channels live, catch up and on demand outside of the home. Search, Explore and Guide are also as easily accessible as they are from your console.

The following channels are available out-of-home:

  • Fox (Note: Only available out-of-home in the city where you subscribe to PlayStation™Vue service)
  • ABC
  • AMC
  • BET
  • BET Gospel
  • BET Jams
  • BTN (Note: Only available out-of-home in the city where you subscruibe to PlayStation™Vue service)
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Centric
  • CMT
  • CMT Pure Country
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • Cooking Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Diy
  • EPIX
  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPN U
  • ESPNews
  • Food Network
  • FOX Business
  • FOX College Sports (Note: Only available out-of-home in the city where you subscribe to PlayStation™Vue service)
  • FOX News
  • FOX Soccer Plus
  • FOX Sports 1
  • FOX Sports 2
  • Freeform
  • Fusion
  • FX
  • FXM
  • FXX
  • HGTV
  • Hi-Yah!
  • HLN
  • IFC
  • Machinima
  • MTV
  • MTV 2
  • MTV Hits
  • MTVU
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Nat Geo
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Toons
  • Outside TV
  • One World Sports
  • Palladia
  • SEC Network
  • Spike
  • Sundance TV
  • TBS
  • TeenNick
  • TNT
  • Travel Channel
  • TruTV
  • TCM
  • TVLand
  • VH-1
  • VH-1 Classic
  • VH1 Soul
  • WETV
  • YES (Note: Only available out-of-home in the city where you subscribe to PlayStation™Vue service)
Any channel not listed above is not available for viewing out of the home.
Are any features disabled outside of the home on PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS?

Outside of the home, you will not be able to watch any show on PlayStation™Vue Mobile that has been recorded to My Shows as “DVR”. You can, however, view your My Shows library and add programs to My Shows outside of the home, but the play button for any DVR’d show in the library will be disabled. Any “On Demand” show added to your My Shows library will be available for out-of-home viewing.

What iOS models support PlayStation™Vue Mobile?

You can install PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iPad Mini 1st Gen or later, iPad 2 or later running iOS 7.0 or iOS 8.0, iPhone 5 or later, iPod Touch 4th Gen or later.


PlayStation™Vue on Google Chomecast

How do I cast PlayStation™Vue?

The PlayStation™Vue Mobile application automatically supports casting, which means if you’re successfully able to stream on PlayStation™Vue Mobile, and you have a Google Chromecast connected to your television and network, you’re ready to start casting. Read more about casting on the Google website.

  • With both devices connected to the same wireless Internet network, look for the "Cast" icon in the top right of your PlayStation™Vue Mobile app, next to Search.
  • Tap the "Cast" icon to connect your mobile device.
  • Once your PlayStation™Vue Mobile app is connected to Chromecast or another device, select programs to begin casting to your television.
What content can I watch on Chromecast?

While in-home, users with supported devices can watch all the same great content available on PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®3 systems through Chromecast. Casting PlayStation™Vue is not currently supported for use outside of the home.

I'm having trouble casting PlayStation™Vue. What should I do?

If you’re running into issues casting PlayStation™Vue to your television via the Mobile app, please ensure the following:

  • Both your iOS device and Chromecast capable device are currently connected to the same wireless network.
  • You've connected your mobile device to casting device by selecting the "Cast" icon in the top right of the PlayStation™Vue Mobile app.
  • If you continue having trouble, please quite and restart your PlayStation™Vue Mobile app and reset your Chromecast device.


General Help

How can I purchase an individual channel?

Follow the signup flow on your supported device, or head to to sign up. In the sign up flow, you can pick and choose your available plans and channels. For more information on channels available in each plan, visit

What is the difference between a PlayStation™Vue Plan and an individual channel subscription?

PlayStation™Vue is a cloud-based TV service that brings you live TV, movies, sports - and now, channels you can purchase individually - without a standard cable subscription. Individual channel subscriptions through PlayStation™Vue are channels (including SHOWTIME, FOX Soccer Plus, Machinima and more, you can purchase on their own - available nationwide.

You can purchase these additional channels no matter where you live in the U.S. and they can be purchased whether or not you have a pre-existing PlayStation™Vue or other TV provider subscription.

If you already subscribe to PlayStation™Vue, you can can easily purchase an individual channel via the following steps: Settings->Modify Subscriptions->Available Packages->Add Showtime.

Can I access these channels outside the United States?

No, all content through PlayStation™Vue is only accessible in the United States and its territories and possessions. Individual channel subscriptions are available nationwide. 

Do I need a separate PlayStation™Vue Plan to pick and choose specific channels?

No. You are not required to purchase a separate PlayStation™Vue Plan in order to subscribe to individual channels through PlayStation™Vue. Individual channels can be purchased on their own, or added as an addition to any other PlayStation™Vue Plan.

What happens to my individual channel subscriptions if I cancel my PlayStation Plus Subscription?

Canceling your PlayStation Plus account will result in the cancellation of your individual channel subscription(s) at the beginning of your next billing cycle. If you’d like to keep your individual channels after canceling PlayStation Plus, you can purchase a new subscription after your current billing cycle ends.

How will free trials work for Single Channel Subscriptions?

The first time you subscribe to a single channel offering through PlayStation™Vue, you will receive a free trial for that channel for varying periods of time. You can cancel the trial at any time. Unless you cancel before the end of the trial, it will automatically convert to a subscription and you will be charged a monthly rate until you cancel. To cancel, go to Settings, select Subscription and click the cancel button, followed by our questionnaire, or login at and select My Subscription > Modify Subscription. If you purchase subscription as a PlayStation Plus subscriber and subsequently cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription, you will have the discounted access until your current cycle expires.



What is SHOWTIME through PlayStation™Vue?

Nationwide, you can subscribe to SHOWTIME through PlayStation™Vue on its own, as a Premium-Pack with EPIX, or as an addition to another PlayStation™Vue multi-channel plan (PlayStation™Vue multi-channel plans are now available nationwide). New SHOWTIME Subscribers will get a 30-day free trial and access to unlimited, commercial-free access to celebrated SHOWTIME programming, including award-winning series like Homeland, Shameless and Ray Donovan, as well as hit movies, documentaries, comedy specials and sporting events. You can stream all-new episodes when they premiere or catch up on past seasons, plus watch SHOWTIME Original Series like Dexter® and Weeds.  In addition to this great content, subscribers will be able to watch live both SHOWTIME East and SHOWTIME West.

How much does SHOWTIME cost on PlayStation™Vue?

SHOWTIME through PlayStation™Vue is just $10.99/month with a $2 monthly discount for PlayStation®Plus Members ($8.99/month).

Will I be able to watch SHOWTIME live?

Yes. You will have the option of watching both SHOWTIME East, which is SHOWTIME as it is broadcast for the Eastern time zone, as well as SHOWTIME West, the same channel time-delayed by three hours for the Pacific time zone. Both feeds are available regardless of the time zone you are in. You’ll be able to easily switch between channels so no matter where you are, you never have to miss your favorites.

Can I purchase a subscription directly through SHOWTIME?

Not at this time. To order, please download the PlayStation™Vue app on your supported device and complete the subscription process on your console or via

If I sign up, can I use the SHOWTIME Anytime app?

In the near future, PlayStation™Vue subscribers will be able to use their PlayStation Network credentials to authenticate to the SHOWTIME Anytime app.

Can SHOWTIME programming be added to "My Shows"?

Live airings of SHOWTIME programming cannot be captured to “My Shows”, but any SHOWTIME show added to My Shows will store the full library of the series of the show added through On-Demand rights. That way, you’ll never be behind on your favorite shows.


FOX Soccer Plus FAQs

What is Fox Soccer Plus and is it available on PlayStation™Vue?

FOX Soccer Plus is a premium television network dedicated to delivering the world’s best soccer and international sports to hardcore fans. Subscribe to FOX Soccer Plus on its own, Nationwide, or as an addition to another PlayStation™Vue multi-channel plan (PlayStation™Vue multi-channel plans are now available nationwide).

You can sign up today and enjoy FOX Soccer Plus with a 7 day free trial.

What programming will be available on FOX Soccer Plus?

FOX Soccer Plus through PlayStation™Vue delivers the world’s best soccer and international sports to hardcore fans including exclusive match content from the most prominent and highest profile soccer competitions in the world, such as Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, England’s FA Cup and UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying.  



How much will FOX Soccer Plus cost on PlayStation™Vue?

FOX Soccer Plus through PlayStation™Vue is available for $14.99/month with a $2 discount for PlayStation Plus members ($12.99/month).

Can I use the FOX Soccer 2GO app as part of my PlayStation™Vue subscription to FOX Soccer Plus?

FOX Soccer 2GO is a standalone-streaming product that includes similar content and games from the leagues above. FOX Soccer Plus is not the same product and FOX Soccer 2GO is sold directly by FOX, not by PlayStation™Vue or any other distributors. For more information please visit


Machinima FAQs

What is Machinima and is it available on PlayStation™Vue?

Machinima is the ultimate television resource for fandom and gamer culture, now available on PlayStation™Vue, nationwide! Featuring scripted series, original content, weekly and daily shows, official publisher pop culture content and gameplay videos, Machinima is the go-to for those passionate about video games, animation, movies, TV, and the endless forms of pop culture. New Machinima subscribers will receive a 30-day free trial.

How much will Machinima cost through PlayStation™Vue?

Machinima is automatically included in the Elite package subscription to PlayStationVue at no added cost. Additionally, Machinima through PlayStation™Vue is available nationwide as a single channel subscription, for $3.99/month with a $2 discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers ($1.99/month). New subscribers to Machinima through PlayStation™Vue will receive a 30-day free trial period.



What is EPIX and is it available on PlayStation™Vue?

EPIX is the movie lovers dream come true. With a massive collection of big new movies, alongside a huge library of classic hits, users who subscribe to EPIX through PlayStation™Vue will have access to the premium entertainment channel (EPIX Hits) as well as EPIX on-demand content. EPIX will provide huge Hollywood hits you won’t find on any other premium channel, original series, exclusive concert events, comedy specials, and Championship Boxing.

How much will EPIX cost through PlayStation™Vue?

EPIX is automatically included in an Elite subscription to PlayStationVue at no added cost. If you’re not an Elite subscriber, EPIX is available two other ways, as detailed below: 

  • Subscribe to EPIX & SHOWTIME together for one low price. This offer is available nationwide and can be added to existing PlayStation™Vue channel packages. Or, this offer can be subscribed to on its own for $13.99/month ($11.49 w/ PlayStation Plus subscription). New subscribers to both EPIX and SHOWTIME will receive a 30-day free trial.
  • Add EPIX to an Access or Core channel package. This offer is available in the cities where PlayStation™Vue carries multi-channel packages for $3.99/month ($2.99 w/ PlayStation Plus subscription). New EPIX subscribers who add EPIX to their Access or Core package will receive a 30-day free trial.