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Now on PlayStation®4 consoles, choose any live TV program, sports, news, or movie to watch up to three at the same time.* Don't miss the action!

March 14 — April 3


Don’t miss the action! And now, with multi-view* on PlayStation®4 consoles, choose up to three live TV programs to watch at the same time.

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PlayStation™Vue is a live streaming TV service with sports, news, and your favorite must-watch shows. Experience premium channels, a powerful cloud DVR,* streaming on up to five devices at once,* and no annual contracts.
*Restrictions apply

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Why PS Vue?

  • TV, sports, movies, and news — live and On Demand
  • Powerful cloud DVR with no recording conflicts
  • No annual contracts or surprise fees
  • Stream on up to five devices at the same time*
  • Available on the devices you love — no PlayStation® console required
  • Profiles for everyone in your family
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DON’T LET A GOOD DEVice go to waste

Enjoy PlayStation™Vue on multiple devices at the same time. Watch on the web, stream on up to five devices at once,* and watch live TV in every room of your house. You don't even need a PlayStation® console to enjoy PlayStation™Vue.

*Restrictions apply

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Sony Just Turned Its PlayStation™Vue Streaming Service Into A Viable Cable Killer."
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Combined with ESPN and a handful of other streams, Sony’s gaming console is quickly becoming a robust option for cord-cutters that require an easy-to-use streaming service."
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PlayStation Vue is one of the most prominent alternative live TV services in the US..."

Channels You Love

Watch local channels, sports, news, and more with multi-channel plans. Add premium channels or subscribe to them on their own. There’s no annual contract or hidden fees, so you can easily switch your plan or cancel at any time.

Watch At Home

Enjoy PlayStation™Vue on more supported devices than ever before.*



OS 7.1+


Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, IE 10+

4th Gen+ Running OS 10.0+


1st Gen & Up

All Gens

All Gens, Fire TV Stick

Watch On Mobile

Download PlayStation™Vue to watch live TV on your favorite mobile phones and tablets.*

iOS 7.0+, iPad Mini 1st Gen+, iPad 2nd Gen+

iOS 7.0+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 4th Gen+

Android OS v4.4+

3rd Gen+

*Restrictions apply