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Introducing multi view Introducing multi view

Now on PlayStation®4 consoles, choose any live TV program, sports, news, or movie to watch up to three at the same time.* Don't miss the action!

March 14 — April 3


Don’t miss the action! And now, with multi-view* on PlayStation®4 consoles, choose up to three live TV programs to watch at the same time.

Watch At Home

Enjoy PlayStation™Vue on more supported devices than ever before.*



OS 7.1+


Firefox, Chrome, Safari,
Microsoft Edge, IE 10+

4th Gen+ Running OS 10.0+


1st Gen & Up

All Gens

All Gens

Watch On Mobile

Download PlayStation™Vue to watch live TV on your favorite mobile phones and tablets.*

iOS 7.0+, iPad Mini 1st Gen+, iPad 2nd Gen+

iOS 7.0+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 4th Gen+

Android OS v4.4+

3rd Gen+

*Restrictions apply. See FAQs.