World of Tanks Modern Armor

Wargaming Group Ltd
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  • 30 online players
  • PS5 Version
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Choose your tank. Battle to win.

World of Tanks Modern Armor puts you in command of over 1,000 modern and legendary tanks. 

Challenge yourself in 15v15 tactical team battles. Choose Cold War battles for modern, fast-paced action or World War II for deliberate, tactical combat. Explore detailed maps inspired by real-life theaters of war. 

Relive history with iconic WWII tanks like the Sherman and modern beasts like the M1 Abrams. Collect and upgrade your tanks, customize them and unlock more powerful vehicles, and choose from a variety of 3D commanders.

Play for free and enjoy weekly content updates filled with challenges, rewards, special crossover collaborations and new seasons. Choose your preferred mode: PvP or PvE. Team up with friends and enlist in World of Tanks Modern Armor to test your skills. Your tanks await. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

World of Tanks Modern Armor key features

Collect and command powerful tanks

Choose from over 1,000 authentic, awe-inspiring vehicles.

Challenge yourself in PvP battles 

Engage in high-risk, high-reward 15v15 tactical tank combat.

Relive history

Experience detailed maps from World War II to the Cold War.

See it in action


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