200 years ago, the 'Evil Lord' appeared in Brandel, casting the whole world into fear.
The Evil Lord changed humans and animals into 'demons', stole away lives, and in the end caused the destruction of the royal house of Sterun, which at the time ruled over the world.
A group of the humans who survived came together to establish the 'Guild', in order to stand up to the Evil Lord.
After battles lasting through long ages, the brave warriors of the Guild managed to defeat the Evil Lord, and the world regained peace for a time.
However, the world was not returned completely to peace.
One after another, those possessed by their own power used the name of the Evil Lord to do wrong against humans.
A future without any hope of a bright dawn. A never-ending rain of grief.
The battles continue, even now.


Darius, a sorcerer living on the top of a mountain, far away from human settlements.
He spends his days researching magic, but one day, as a result of a late repayment of money he's borrowed, he finds everything he owns suddenly gone!

Finding himself with only the clothes he's wearing, Darius is dumbfounded.
But then Mark, who calls himself a fan of Darius, comes along.

Darius is invited to live in Mark's mansion, the only condition being that he helps with the housework.
Life in the mansion is noisy but fun, but when Darius finds a certain item in Mark's room, those normal days come to an end.

The item is a wanted poster for the Evil Lord, who has brought fear to the whole world.
And the face on the poster... That face is Mark's...

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