WinKings is a 1-4 player 2D platformer game which throws you in fantasy Vikings era. Different and unique worlds, characters, enemies and weapons makes gameplay even engaging.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family / Party / Shooter
  • Publisher: Lemondo Games
  • Developer: Lemondo Games
ESRB - E Rating

Kings never die, they win!


WinKings is a party game, which throws you in fantasy Vikings era. You can play with different characters such as:

  • Alessa - Woman at war! A true killing machine. 
  • Olaf - Passed Ninjas school! Needs seconds to stop enemies heart beat.
  • Gun - Nobody has seen his face before. He got mysterious reward from Viking gods.
  • Einar - Veteran warrior. His axe has sacrificed many lives!

The goal is really easy - Win every battle!

Game can be played with 1 to 4 players.

Versus Multiplayer

  • DeathMatch: Kill all other players and stay alive.  A match ends when one of the players reaches a certain amount of victories. Last man standing wins the round.
  • Team DeathMatch: Kill everyone in the opposing team. A match ends when one of the teams reaches a certain amount of victories.
  • Capture The Flag: Co-Players must grab the flag and keep it for a certain of time to win a round. On the other hand, opponent team has to overtake the flag by killing opposing. In this mode players are respawned soon after death.
  • HeadHunter: Kill as many opponents as possible. A match ends when one of the players reaches a certain amount of kills.

Co-Op Campaign

Team up with your friends, choose convenient game difficulty mode and fight against different enemies. You'll visit 6 different planets: 

  • Camelot - Cold as Odin's judgement, watch your step!
  • Lemuria - A mystic planet, they say no one has found it yet!
  • Nusa - Lots of Totems...Don't disturb gods!
  • Irkalla - Underworld from which there is no return!
  • Frooa - Wet fear! Freyr helps you to taste it!
  • Vulcania - Logi is the lord. Get ready for fiery danger

To pass 10 levels per each planet and sign your victory by winning over the bosses, you can use up to 10 different weapons: Pistols,Rifle, Shotgun, Machine gun, Rocket launcher, Grenade, Flamethrower, Axe, Katana, Longsword, Sword.



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