Head of a statue of Justice, lying atop a French flag and a column. All are covered in blood.
Featuring unique gameplay and a singular art style, We. The Revolution casts players in the role of a judge in the Revolutionary Tribunal during the great French Revolution era. Players will have to trudge through the turbulent setting passing sentences, playing a dangerous political game, and doing everything in their power to avoid the guillotine and being marked as an enemy of the revolution. As the revolutionary judge, players will have to confront their decisions with their family who may very often see things differently.
  • Shape history and decide who will live and who will die.
  • Experience the oppressive atmosphere of the French Revolution as you’ve come to know it from the classic novels of Alexandre Dumas and Joseph Conrad
  • Preside dozen of unique and morally ambiguous court cases.
  • Run your own courtroom – question witnesses, analyze clues and evidence, read reports, and pass sentences.
  • Confront your judgments with your family.
  • Make friends and enemies of different rival factions vying for power. Make them your associates or make them disappear!
  • Engage in a mix of genres, blending case-building with intrigue-crafting and turn-based tactics.
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