In a distant future mankind colonized the galaxy.  Although there were planetary governments, the colonization era joined peoples in one galactic nation.  After years of peace Zatros, a very large and rich colony, began a war of conquest to establish a totalitarian galactic government.  Weaker planets fell first, one by one.  The others developed new machines designed to fight in space. They were called War Techs.

Thanks to cybernetic implants, the symbiosis between pilot and War Tech allowed the control of the deadliest weapons ever seen in the galaxy.  The Zatrorians owned the most advanced War Techs thanks to their greater resources.  The defeat of the disorganized resistance force seemed inevitable until the fate of the war was overturned by the most unlikely team of pilots... 

Some vagabonds of planet Hebos’ suburbs were rescued by Nathan Romanis during a ground operation.  Famous for being the only pilot in the galaxy above the age of 20, Nathan was a guide for the boys and trained them personally, creating the most feared squadron by the Zatronian forces.

Choose between the Hawk, Lynx or Rhino class (light, balanced, and heavy) War Techs and customize them with over 180 upgradeable parts and systems. Modify bullet, laser, sword, and magnetic weapons, or create a flying tank with high shields and defense. Thousands of custom paint and livery options ensure that each pilot feels ownership over their War Tech. Explore space and find hidden parts to access new War Tech sets and new weapons. Level up each mech to unlock their true potential.  Take down the Zatros empire across 33 single-player missions, train in the simulator, complete challenges or enter Survival mode against an unending onslaught for special rewards and fight for the top of the global leaderboards.

Exclusive to the console release of War Tech Fighters is the new Archangel War Tech special set, featuring the powerful Glory Sword, Redemption Halberd, and Faith Shield. Available from the start of the game, the Archangel can turn the tides when a mission might be too difficult with other mechs.

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