• Fight against another REALLY HUGE ROBOT in multiplayer
  • Destroy buildings, throw buildings, crumble buildings onto other buildings...and even skyscrapers, and even townhouses
  • Catch planes, sink tankers, throw cars, toss things out into a sea of malicious robots
  • Shake the virtual reality with mighty robot fists
  • Tear down cities using tornadoes released from the Tornado Maker
  • Arming Tractor Beam lets you pull and shoot everything in a row with terrifying force and speed
  • Get the Transformer's Sword and chop, slice and dice everything
  • Knock out the interfering SuperRobot 3000
  • Do it all in different cities with unique and familiar buildings
  • The SCORE and TARGETS system will help you develop the talent of the destroyer and improve the skill of controlling the robot

We remind you: There is a TORNADO-SHOOTING GUN!

Game Editions

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