View from inside the vehicle

The core design of VR Apocalypse revolves around the following major tenets.

  1. Comfort = Immersion. First-person shooters are not normally a good idea for VR due to presence-breaking VR-sickness. However, we think we’ve conquered it with this title via our novel optional comfort mode. Classic first-person shooting/traversal has never felt this good in a VR headset.
  2. Replay Value is king. Forget short, one-off experiences. VR Apocalypse is a highly replayable, arcade style shooter with randomized elements that will keep players coming back for more.
  3. Arcade Leaderboards. Compete against friends to see who can get the best possible times on our customized leaderboards.
  4. Exploding Aliens. Because who doesn't like hearing aliens go splat?

Game Editions

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