Single-Player Campaign Tips

Get ready to seek your fortune in Nathan Drake’s latest amazing adventure.  The life of a treasure hunter can be dangerous though, so to make sure you are ready to tackle all the deadly traps, ruthless mercenaries, and harsh environments Uncharted 4 throws at you. Here are a few quick tips to give you that extra edge.

  • It’s a good idea to take a few minutes to check out and customize the game Options.  There are a multitude of customizable control settings, so find the one that works for you.  Prefer it old-school with L1 and R1 as aim and fire? Play inverted?  Want to swap your control sticks?  Go for it!  An adventurer is only as good as his tools. Good thing you have the best!
  • Pick a difficulty that’s right for you.  If this is your first Uncharted adventure, we recommend starting on Moderate or Light. If you’re a seasoned adventurer, try ramping it up to Hard.  Crushing is best left for subsequent play-throughs as it is brutal, but if you really want to, it is unlocked from the start. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  • The first sections of gameplay introduce you to many of the basic mechanics: traversal, combat, investigating objects.  Pay particular attention to how the new rope feature works as it will be a vital tool that you will use frequently throughout your adventure.
  • Combat is fast and furious, but a few tricks might ease the tension.  An orange indicator appears on your aiming reticle when you down an enemy and an orange burst icon appears when you successfully down an enemy with a head shot.
  • Watch out!  Many cover objects are destructible, and you can't remain behind them forever, so be ready to move quickly.
  • Stealth plays a major part in Uncharted 4’s combat.  The tall grass is key in hiding your movement and taking out foes silently.  Pay close attention to the white and yellow detection indicators for each enemy and use the marking system to keep track of where the enemies are patrolling.  A successful combat encounter can be weighted in your favor with a good stealth start. This is especially true in Crushing (though careful; marking does not work in Crushing).
  • Uncharted 4 has more collectibles than ever: over 190 treasures, journal notes, and optional conversations.  Explore the nooks and crannies of the lush environments, and keep an eye out for extra ledges, shimmy lines on walls, and hard to see platforms.  You never know what treasures are hidden off the beaten path.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

Tips and Tricks

Join thousands of fortune seekers around the world as you battle for dominance in Uncharted 4’s online multiplayer.  With multiple modes, unlockable characters, upgradeable gear, and thousands of customization combinations, there’s endless content to keep your trigger finger happy.  We know you’re itching to get into the fight, so check out the 10 Quick Tips below and jump into the fray with the advantage.

1)      The opening tutorial takes you through all the basics.  Pay attention to the charge melee attacks and in game Store features.  You’re awarded the ‘Continue the Adventure’ Trophy just for completing it.

2)      If you want further practice, check out the Trials Mode.  You can hone your skills with throwables, sidekicks, and mysticals.  Master your craft before taking it online.  You also get the ‘Trials by Fire’ Trophy for completing them all.

3)      Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!  Uncharted 4 is all about cohesive teamwork and coordination.  A well balanced team that plays off each other will be far more successful than a team of lone wolves.

4)      Don’t be afraid to blindfire in cover or while rushing an enemy.  Many weapons, especially shotguns, are perfect for no-aim K.O.-ing.

5)      Always reload your gun during down time.  You never know when that extra bullet or two will be the deciding factor in a close duel.

6)      Charge melee attacks are perfect for getting the drop on a pre-occupied enemy.  Use the many maps’ varied side alleys and alternate paths to know when to sneak up and hamstring your opponent’s assault.

7)      Don’t be stingy with the throwable items.  Keep an eye on their recharge meter, but even better, upgrade to level 2 to get more throwable potential.  You can also throw items by aiming with your gun and tapping R1 to throw them longer distances, instead of the standard arch aim.

8)      Customize your loadouts.  Once you start to unlock more items and gear, a well-tailored custom loadout will outperform the presets.  And remember, you can save multiple custom loadouts, so feel free to experiment with different styles and equipment.

9)      Use the traversable environments to your advantage.  There are plenty of rope swings to rapidly assault an enemy location or put the aerial takedown on a hapless foe.  Super punch them for a one-hit down!

10)      Get familiar with the multiple sidekick personalities.  They each behave differently and knowing how they act is key to getting the most out of them (or knowing how to take them down)!


Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Modes

We’ve brought back modes from previous Uncharted multiplayer games, while introducing new ideas to others. Any and all of the modes can be incredibly intense.  


In Ranked Team Deathmatch, Ranks range from Bronze III to Diamond I.  You’ll be awarded points for winning a match, and points will be deducted for losing.  When you acquire the necessary number of points, you’ll enter into Qualifiers – which is where things get really interesting.  At this point, a player is given the opportunity to increase his or her Rank by winning a certain number of the next few matches. Failing to do so will knock the player out of Qualifiers, and he or she must earn points again for another attempt. 

For example, if you are Rank Bronze I and earn enough points to enter Qualifiers, you must win three of your next five matches to reach Rank Silver III.  Failing to win at least three of your next five matches will result in a failure in Qualifiers, and will force you to earn points to try again.



In this mode, you’ll capture Command Sites for a steady flow of points, or knock out enemy Captains for a large point bonus.  Command emphasizes teamwork and a large part of that comes from protecting your Captain.

There are a number of Command Sites across each map.  When your team captures one, your team’s score will increase.  Command Sites captured by the enemy team must be neutralized before you can capture them for your side.  Command Sites are captured faster when more members of the team are inside them.

Whichever player contributes the most points to the team’s objective is the Team Captain.  The Captain will receive bonuses -- cheaper In-Match Store Items, the ability to revive teammates faster, and more health when downed.

When a Captain is designated, the Captain starts at Level 1, but as the Captain gains objective points without being KO’ed, the Captain goes up a Level to a max level of three, which increases the effectiveness of the Captain bonuses. However, at higher levels, the Captain is more visible to the enemy:

Level 1: Enemies see a Captain icon by the Captain's name

Level 2: Enemies can always see the Captain on radar

Level 3: Captains are automatically Marked until they lose Captain status

Captain status is lost when the Captain is knocked out, which scores the enemy points depending on the level of the Captain. This mode can have some intense comebacks given the large point value a Captain can reach.  


Team Deathmatch

A fight to the end with teammates at your side.  The goal is to score a certain number of points to win, with each enemy KO being worth one point.


In Plunder, grab the idol and return it to your treasure chest for one point.  You can throw and climb with the Idol.

Warm Up Playlist

We have made a lot of new gameplay mechanics available, and the Warm Up playlist gives players the opportunity to explore them. You will only be able to play in this playlist for a certain number of matches, to help you understand the multiplayer mechanics before joining the fight.


Set up as pseudo competitive matches, players go up against enemy NPC opponents with the goal of getting a high score using specific multiplayer mechanics.  Each of the 10 Trials will include different levels of difficulty and will award Relics for completion.


Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Maps

A small, fast-paced map with tight fronts and hidden water flank routes.

Battle through the snow covered ruins of an old cathedral in Scotland. Use slides and mining tunnels to cut through the three major lanes of this circular map. Head to the cliff-side area for frantic rope combat and long range sniping battles between opposing perches. The ruins and graveyard at the edge of the woods provide more grounded, cover based play.

Quick Tips:
- The dig site in the middle of the map gives you access to all of the major areas of Scotland.
- Move through the cover of the cathedral to flank enemies in the ruins or crypt area of the map.
- Use the zip lines for a quick retreat into the two story crypt building from either the cliffs or cathedral.

Madagascar City allows the players to take over the downtown area of King's Bay. The level has 3 distinct sections Street, Market, & Construction areas that allow the player to explore this colorful locale. The central market area has two perches on either end that give the player a view of the level, but leave them exposed and the kiosks in the market provide plenty of cover for heated close quarter firefights. The Street area is a long, open section that is perfect for sniping. Meanwhile the Construction area provides unique rope traversal from building to building for a quick advance along that side of the map.

Quick Tips:
- Rather than facing a team of enemies head on in the Market, utilize the side entrances to flank the enemy via the Street and Construction areas
- Use the rope swings in the Construction area to quickly travers from one end of the map to another
- The open area of the Streets is easier to advance down if you have teammates to help you suppress the enemy to allow time to move from cover to cover

Carved into a cliff face overlooking crashing waves, Remnants is a death trap of old secrets. Swing through the tiered ruins and cliffs of rain-battered mountains. Never stay still for long, as this ancient den has many flanking opportunities through rope grapples, caverns, and hidden walkways that always allow for a grim surprise. This map favors players who keep mobile and are not afraid to weave through slippery cliffs with their grapple ropes.

Quick Tips:
- The center walkway is a powerful defensive position if you have a friend watching your back
- The slide in the middle of the cavern can be used in a pinch to escape and maneuver around your enemies
- The long sightlines in this map are ideal for sniping, but there are plenty of flanking opportunities that can take you by surprise—stay ahead of it and keep moving

Located on a corner of the map long forgotten, Island is a frantic battlefield where players fight through lush jungle and ancient ruins for survival. This Island is home to many treacherous pits and tight quarters where players swing and climb to get the drop on their opponents. The Jungle and Falls areas have long sight lines and good cover. Use the slides in the center caves area for quick escape routes when outnumbered or for fast traversal.

Quick Tips:
- The three grapple points in the Pit area are a great way to traverse quickly, but leave you vulnerable to gunfire
- The Sniper's perch at the top of the pit has an impressive sight line through the center caves, allowing players to control the flow of the match
- The falls area has a lot of low cover to make use of, and a grapple point near a spire for flanking

Experience the opulence of the Italian countryside in the dead of night, fighting in decorated galleries and manicured gardens. This level features strong fronts which encourage grouped team fighting in a variety of close-quarter and split-level environments. Cut across the treacherous bridges, avoiding enemy fire, or take sweeping grapple rope paths to regroup quickly with your allies. Twin sniper's outposts overlook the bridges and out towards the gardens and terrace, allowing players to lend their teams long-distance support.

Quick Tips:
- Avoid fighting near the Sundial. Due to the lack of cover and long sightlines, this area should only be used for quick traversal.
- Due to the circular direction of movement on this map, and the high mobility traversal paths, flanking is a key element of gameplay here. Always watch your back.
- Enclosed spaces such as the gallery room, as well as the many hallways and underpasses provide many good areas for tactical mysticals like the Wrath of El Dorado or Indra's Eternity

Take the fight to the Rivers found near Libertalia! Fight throughout the jungle and old buildings that surround a giant lake. The giant lake has many secrets, including slides that lead to a spire with a sniper's perch at the end of the map. A series of rope swings throughout the map also allow for fun and frantic traversal as you shoot down enemies with your team. Just make sure you land on your feet though-- one wrong jump can send you falling to your death!

Quick tips:
- Use the Rope Swings on the edge of the map to sneak around enemy squads and flank them
- Feeling outnumbered? Jump into the water in the middle of the map and take the slide down to escape your enemies
- Use an El Dorado on the 1st floor of the buildings to get a surprise attack on enemies hiding in the floor above you

Firefights in the long lost Pirate Colony of Libertalia tend to be brief, brutal, and fast paced. Long, decrepit corridors with plenty of low cover create close combat areas, where the possibility of a quick underwater escape keeps the player on their toes. Both the Pirate Ship crow's nest and the Lighthouse feature long sightlines to the heart of the battlefield, while the grassy areas near the collapsed house offer a temporary reprieve from the action.

Quick Tips:
- Bring equipment which is good for flushing enemies while in close quarters--grenades are ideal.
- The upper levels of the surrounding buildings offer a good vantage of the battle and higher ground support could mean the difference between life and death.
- Colony is a small and fast paced map, meaning that players should never linger too long in one place.