The Wizards is a VR adventure game set in a fantasy world. It takes you on a quest to save the Realm of Meliora, a magic-infused dimension parallel to our own. Join Aurelius, a master wizard trapped in the streams of time, as he guides you to power and glory in a battle against nefarious forces threatening the land. You will travel through time and space to visit spectacular locations in three diverse regions.

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In The Wizards - Enhanced Edition, you'll find:

  • Seven unique spells, each summoned and used with a distinct gesture
  • Story Campaign with around 6 hours of adventure
  • Collectible Fate Cards affecting difficulty, gameplay, and scores
  • Arena Mode with endless battles
  • Online scoreboards

The Wizards offers a highly customizable experience: in-depth options put control over nearly all comfort settings in your hand, including movement type and speed, comfort vignette toggle, dominant hands for spells, aim assist, and many more.

From its earliest days, The Wizards was a community-oriented endeavour: the game launched in Early Access to gather initial feedback from the players. Over the following months, the game's length was doubled, plenty of new features added and existing ones adjusted, based on listening carefully to feedback. The Enhanced Edition comes with never-before-seen content developed to please the PlayStation VR community.

Game Editions

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